Air Seconds technology: user instructions!

The new Air Seconds technology allows you to inflate your mattress in no time at all. In order to help you use it properly, here is our step-by-step guide. You will also find the video instructions at the bottom of the article.

Quechua Conception - Arpenaz Air Seconds

Some guidelines:

-  Do not over-inflate the mattress (no more than 0.5 psi or 0.035 bar)

-  Do not inflate the mattress in the sand in order to avoid any sand getting inside the Air Seconds system.

-  Do not store it near to a source of extreme heat

-   Avoid ground surfaces with pine needles, rocks or anything that is liable to puncture the mattress.

1/ Unpacking:

- Remove the mattress and unfold it where you want to position it.

- Screw its cap.

2/ Inflation:

We recommend using the Quechua 5.2 hand pump with its pressure gauge system.

-  Unscrew the blue plastic part of the cap and insert the connector of the pump.

-  Inflate until you have reached the ideal pressure of 0.5 psi or 0.035 bar

-  Screw up the blue section

Job done, you're ready to go!

Air Seconds technology: user instructions!

3/ Deflation:

This time, unscrew the entire cap. The air instantly escapes, effortlessly deflating the mattress

4/ Folding:

Take care not to screw up the cap for this step!

-   In 3 panels for a 1-person mattress (see diagram)

-   In 4 panels for a 2-person mattress (see diagram)

-   Once folded, roll it up lengthwise

5/ Storage:

-  Put it back in its bag

-  Screw up the entire cap

6/ Properly storing the mattress:

Your mattress is deflated and folded away. Store it away from extreme temperatures and sources of light.