Easy techniques for pitching and folding your tent

Find out how to fold up your 2 Seconds tent!

Easy techniques for pitching and folding your tent

Since it was first launched in 2005, the 2 Seconds tent has appealed to many campers because it can be pitched in a jiffy. Despite the efforts deployed by our staff to develop an easy fold-up system, some users still find it tricky.

Our staff have developed the diagram and explanations below to help you at each stage of the folding up process.

1 - Inside your tent, at the back, there's a red strap with two plastic buckle frames at the tip. Pull them out then line them up with the red inserts on the poles. You can then insert the red buckle prongs.

2 - You'll find yellow inserts and buckles on the other side. Proceed in the same way.

3 - Now you have a circle with a red strap at the front. Stand the tent on its edge. Slip one hand in the red strap buckle and use the other hand to press down hard on the edge of the circle formed by the tent while pulling upwards with the hand in the buckle.

4 - This turns the circle into a figure 8.
NB: you must tighten up the centre of the figure 8 using the strap.

5 - Use your forearm to hold the centre of the figure 8 down to the ground while folding it over itself to form a figure 0. As you do so, you'll see the red markers on the poles: line them up with each other.

6 - Then simply use the yellow strap to secure the entire tent.

Congratulations, you have folded your tent up!
Now you can slip it in its case.

To see how to set up or how to pitch all our tents, please visit our You Tube channel :