Hiking in the rain : 7 GOOD REASONS 

Whether you're a beginner or intermediate, with the right equipment, good preparation and a positive mindset, hiking in the rain can be a real pleasure for 7 main reasons.

8 good reasons to hike even under the rain - title

Before setting off on a hike, always check the weather forecast before leaving.
Don't just limit yourself to the weather on your favourite TV channel or generalist website. We recommend you look in more detail and check the temperatures, the risks of lightning, landslide or anything else specific to the terrain you'll be crossing.

You'll have the trail all to yourself

The rain empties the trails, so you may not meet anyone and be able to enjoy your hike with a feeling of real exclusivity and tranquillity. A little silence and lots of patience may enable you to meet animals you don't usually see.

However, make sure you're clued up with the signs and map and compass reading as you may not come across any other hikers if you get lost. Also, always tell someone you're going hiking, telling them where and for how long.


Despite being called negative ions, which can be misleading, they are actually very good for us.

The rain is full of them, and all the better for it! They help refresh the air, and help to reduce asthma and chronic fatigue. So the next time you go out to take a good breath of fresh air, wait until it rains to get all the benefits.

You'll (re)discover the landscape with your senses increased tenfold

The rain is an extraordinary sensory experience. While its noise helps some to sleep, its smell is also beyond compare.

If you're walking through the woods, the grass looks greener, the smell of the trees and plants is sharper and even the sound of the streams formed by the rain and the little waterfalls it creates appear more intense.

To enjoy it all while keeping your feet dry, don't forget your over-trousers and gaiters. Indeed, even if your boots are waterproof, water can run off the grass and into your boots by running down your legs.

You'll (re)discover the landscape with your senses increased tenfold
Waterproof jacket

You'll finally be able to test your waterproof jacket, which was beginning to fade in your closet

Admit it - you've been searching for the perfect jacket, waterproof, breathable, lightweight and comfortable to wear for a long time.

Has your jacket been out of your closet for ages? This is your chance to make sure it lives up to its reputation!

It's time to bring out your jacket with an integrated rain hood.
At Quechua and Forclaz, our waterproof jackets are subjected to precise tests to give them a waterproof rating of up to 5/5. We promise to be with you in all conditions!

men over the rain

You'll have the opportunity to see animals that only come out in the rain

men over the rain
hiking in the rain

You may even be lucky enough to see a rainbow

hiking in the rain

Your children will love jumping in the puddles

Classic but effective, puddles always appeal to young ones.

But be careful to watch where they're going, to make sure they don't slip on muddy ground. Also make sure you kit them out well to prevent water from entering their shoes or boots.

children over the rain

You don't live in Yuma, Arizona, by any chance

With 330 days of sunshine per year on average with an average of 11 hours per day, Yuma is the sunniest town on the planet according to Guinness Book of Records.

Alas, you don't live there, though. But even though your region experiences lots of rainy days, it would be a shame not to enjoy the clean air and magnificent views near where you live due to a light shower.

It's exactly the same if you go on holiday where it rains.

hiking shoes

BONUS: A hot drink and the feeling of achievement when you get back home

hiking shoes


As you've seen, the rain doesn't just have its bad side; it can even be really pleasant.~However, make sure you know when it's time to take shelter if your rain shower turns into a storm thanks to our article on the right things to do in the event of a storm in the mountains.


To make sure they're well kitted out:

Hiking in the rain : 7 good reasons


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