How do I correctly fasten and tie up my hiking shoes?

When in the mountains, to ensure your comfort and safety, it is important to be aware of how to correctly adjust and tie up your shoes. To ensure support throughout the hike, both when climbing and descending.

How do I correctly fasten and tie up my hiking shoes?
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It is not simply enough to wear good shoes, you must also ensure they have been correctly adjusted and tied up. 
Here are our tips on ensuring they remain correctly tied throughout the entire trip:

1/ Begin by lowering your heel into the base of the shoe.

Once your foot slides into the shoe, lightly bang your foot a couple of times on the ground so that your heel reaches the very base of the shoe. 

2/ Adjust the tightness of the bottom part using the end eyelets.

Eyelet by eyelet, tighten the shoe ensuring that some flex remains inside the shoe.
Be careful not to tighten the shoe too much as you risk stopping blood circulating to the foot. It is important to feel comfortable in your shoes.

3/ Tie up the bottom part

Make a simple knot at the instep to tie the first clip of the bottom part. Try and establish the perfect balance between level of tightness and optimal comfort testing the shoe flex by moving the tibia gently forwards and backwards.

4/ Tighten the top part of the shoe

Cross over the laces according to the classic method into the bottom eyelets.
Important, with the top eyelets, thread the laces from top to bottom and not bottom to top! With this technique, there is less chance of your laces coming loose.

5/ Finally, tie your laces by tightening the knot

Begin making a classic knot but before pulling on the two loops, thread one of the loops inside the knot.
This knot will stop your laces from coming loose. However they are still easy to undo at the end of the hike.

Before tackling the descent, we recommend re-tying your shoes and tightening them a little to ensure support is provided.