How do I use my inflatable mattress?

Your inflatable mattress is very comfortable, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep and wake feeling great in the morning. However, it can get damaged if you don't take a few simple precautions before using it. So we advise you to follow a few rules to avoid any problems when you go off camping! Check out all our tips one by one:

How do I use my inflatable mattress?

1/ Test your mattress by inflating it before you set off:

All our mattresses are inflated once at the factory to ensure they work properly.

However, we recommend you inflate it yourself after purchase, at home before using it. This simple action will check that the product has not been damaged during delivery and works properly. This will help avoid any nasty surprises.

2/ Inflate your mattress to the right pressure:

Ideally, this type of mattress should generally be inflated to a moderate pressure (0.02 BAR or 0.3 PSI) which, when seated on the mattress, means you can feel the ground through your buttocks. Once you lie on it, the mattress then moulds to the shape of your body, offering an optimal level of comfort.

If you prefer to sleep on a firmer mattress, you can inflate it further, but never exceed 0.5 PSI. We recommend using a Quechua 5.2 L type of pump, which is our most effective option.

3/ Optimise the sleeping area

The potential risk with an inflatable mattress is getting a puncture. The first thing to do before setting up your inflatable mattress is to clear the ground as best you can.


- get rid of any stones (both big and small ones), branches, large thorns, pieces of wood and any tent supports left behind.

- avoid being too close to a heat source (gas stove, heater or camp fire).

- make sure no camping furniture or any other protruding object leans against your mattress (be careful with the edges of walls during indoor use). Grass provides the best terrain.

4/ Fully deflate and fold your mattress after use

When out and about, moving camp regularly, you need to deflate your mattress each time you finish using it. When storing it for longer periods, follow the steps in the video below to fold it properly. In the first place, always let it deflate on its own.

When spending several nights in the same place, you can leave your mattress inflated. You can add a little more air as the days go by if required. Avoiding inflating-deflating it several times in a row increases the lifespan of the mattress.

5/ Store your mattress properly

When your trip is over, your mattress is deflated and folded away. Then put it back in its box or in a bag, and store it in a cool place and away from any light sources.