How do you put on your snowshoes properly ?

Here we explain how to put on and adjust your snowshoes in a few simple steps, so you can enjoy a comfortable and safe hike in the snow.

How do you put on your snowshoes properly ?

1/ Slide your foot inside the snowshoes

Place your sole in the centre of the sole area. To ensure maximum comfort when walking, your toes should be the same distance from the front as your heel is from the back.

Some pairs of snowshoes are have  a left and right shoe (the 2 snowshoes are not interchangeable). In this case the location of the binding system is always placed on the outside of the foot to stop friction untightening the straps.

For better support, some models are equipped with a boot in addition to bindings; in this case, slide your foot forwards until it stops against the boot.

2/ First, tighten the straps on the top the foot.

3/ Then adjust the strap on the heel

You should feel that your feet are well supported.

When you take your first few steps, check that the snowshoe doesn't move and is properly attached to your foot otherwise you could lose it! The heel remains separate from the snowshoe, which means that you don't have to lift the full weight of your foot.

4/ Practise using the climbing bars

Some snowshoes have “climbing bars” which will enable you to be more comfortable when walking uphill. Remember to use them to save energy and be careful to remove them when going downhill or on flat terrain. Small tip: to avoid bending down, use your stick to lift or fold down the climbing bar!  

How do you put on your snowshoes properly ?
How do you put on your snowshoes properly ?

Depending on model of snowshoe you haven remember to remove the lock that holds the foot bindings on the deck before leaving. You will free the movement in your foot.