Properly pitching and striking your Arpenaz Family tent

The Arpenaz 4.1 tent is a tent that is pitched conventionally.


How to pich your 4.1 family tent ?

The pack is made up of the following 4 elements:

1.       the flysheet;

2.       the room;

3.       the living room groundsheet;

4.       the poles, pegs and guy lines

It is supported by a framework of poles which are inserted into the pole sleeves. It is one of the easiest family tents to pitch with only 3 poles, each one of which is identified by a colour that matches that on the corresponding pole sleeve. However, it is advisable to be two of you to make pitching the tent easier.

In the video above, check out the different pitching stages and best practices for setting up and folding away your tent.
For more information (guy line tension, tent peg anchoring, etc.), go to the "How to pitch your tent" article.

To check out how to pitch or strike all our tent models, go to our YouTube channel.

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