recycled fleeces for hiking mountain quechua decathlon

"The sustainable development of our products is a key issue for the brand Quechua and we want to reduce our environmental impact and offer our sports people products that are more environmentally friendly.

We have started this work on all of our fleeces by already offering 75% of our range in recycled polyester in 2018. For these fleeces, we recycle plastic bottles that we transform in order to obtain a fleece fibre that always ensures the same level of technicality to the products. We are also planning to extend the use of recycled materials to the entire collection.

Environmental impact can be reduced at each stage of a product's life cycle: during design, production, transportation; and even when selling the product. This study has been carried out on all of our new products, so that each new model is less impacting."

recycled fleeces for hiking mountain quechua decathlon

An empty plastic bottle has no value in itself, it is only by setting up a complete production chain that gives its valorisation.

The process begins as soon as the collection and sorting of waste is put in place by the council, or other organisations abroad. Then sorting companies separate the caps from the bottles because their plastic is different. Coloured bottles are removed as only transparent and unstained bottles are recycled.

The transformation begins when the bottles are shredded and the "flakes" (plastic composites) are washed. These "flakes" are then recycled chemically (back to monomer) or physically (melted), then extruded again and spun, and then the life cycle starts again.

Polaires Recyclées Quechua

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