Which Hiking Backpack Is Best When Traveling?

Whether you’re hiking or holidaying, a reliable hiking backpack is one of the most integral bits of kit for on the go – after all, it’s home to all your gear. From group-friendly mountain-going styles to clever designs for lone rangers, rain-ready carry-alls to travel bags with hidden talents, there’s something for every walk or weekend at Decathlon.

Which Hiking Backpack Is Best When Traveling?

How to choose the best hiking and travel backpack 

When it comes to picking the right hiking backpack, there are lots of factors to consider such as where you’re going, who you’re going with, how long you’ll need to carry it for and what you’ll be taking with you. From there you can decide how important a lightweight construction or waterproof exterior is, whether you need padded straps or pockets for a bottle and batteries, and what kind of extras will be useful – think detachable rain covers, a hip belt or even a sleeping bag compartment.

We’ve pulled together (and vigorously tested) the following five hiking and travel backpacks to help you decide which one is best for your hiking needs or travel plans…

The best backpack for backpacking

Picture this: it’s just you, the open road and a million possibilities on the horizon. But preparation is key before you set off on the backpacking trip of your dreams, and this Trekking Forclaz style from Quechua is perfect. It’s resilient enough to withstand over a week of roaming, has a water bladder compartment and is super comfortable – just look at the foam padding, hand rests and adjustable straps.

Which Hiking Backpack Is Best When Traveling?
Which Hiking Backpack Is Best When Traveling?

The best backpack for solo hikers

For short hikes (2-3 days) on your own, the Quechua EasyFit men’s backpack is ideal. It’s lightweight and sits flush against the back for a reassuringly secure and comfortable fit, and is designed with a system that allows you to adjust it while it’s on your back. It also comes with a belt and can be opened from the base as well as the top – we all know how frustrating it can be when the thing you want is right at the bottom!

The best backpack for family adventures

If you’re a teacher or activity club leader, this hiking backpack is great for trips with large groups as it’s spacious and can be adapted to fit different back lengths and body sizes via the smart quick-adjust system. It’s designed for hiking and has a PU-coated abrasion-resistant exterior and padded ergonomic belt, but it’s just as useful for holiday excursions and days out. There are plenty of pockets, making it ideal for storing all the extras kids come with like jackets, sun cream, water and snacks.

Which Hiking Backpack Is Best When Traveling?
Which Hiking Backpack Is Best When Traveling?

The best backpack for keeping your gear safe

Quechua’s Escape backpack for women is designed with organisation in mind – note the 7 easy-to-reach outer pockets and plethora of ventilated internal compartments – and comes with a combination lock for security. It isn’t waterproof but does come with two rain covers, as well as space for a hydration bag inside and drinking tube loops on the padded straps, making it an ideal design for up to a week on the move.

The best backpack for mountain treks

The Quechua’s Symbium backpack is a great choice for regular mountain trekkers. It’s designed with symbium technology, which means it fits comfortably against a man’s body and is ventilated for a breathable journey. Spacious enough for all the essentials and complete with 3 external pockets, 1 internal pocket, 2 belts, pole loops and an opening at the base, we’d recommend it for solo expeditions.

Which Hiking Backpack Is Best When Traveling?

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