2 seconds tent story


2003-2004: Eighteen months of work

July 2003: a tent that you throw into the air and which sets itself. Such a product already existed, but only in a single roof version which was unusable due to condensation. The work of Jean-François, product manager, Benjamin, engineer, Vincent, designer, and Abi, prototypist, was to find a way of making a real self-setting tent, spacious stable and especially with a room and a flysheet. Prototypes in workshops and test missions sometimes led the team to doubt the legitimacy of their research. However, after eighteen months of hard work and a patent later, the result showed that they were right.  

2005: Successful launch

At the end of 2004, the final reference prototype was made. Now they had to decide on the quantity to produce and the production sites. In January 2005, the decision to make a TV advert and particularly successful sales tests in stores multiplied the initial production figures which were already of 300,000 units. Implanted in stores in March 2005, the 2 Second tent became an instant success. Tent throwing demonstrations by sales staff in stores convinced customer-users.

2006-2009: A growing family

From 2006, Quechua has added a new product to the family in the shape of the 3 Seconds, which shelters 3 people. Then came the "light" version which was more compact. You no longer need to throw it into the air to open it but the new deployment system enables it to be stored in a smaller bag and it is therefore easier to transport.  In 2008, after two years of research, Quechua launched the Seconds Base, a living space that is used with the 2 Seconds tents.
Finally, in 2009 was born the Base Second 4.2, a popup family tent with a living space and two rooms.