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At Quechua,
things move very quickly.

Pitching your tent.
Or putting it on the roof of your van.
Shortening your pants.
To finish your hike wearing shorts.
Setting up your cookset.
For meals-guitar under the stars.

Things go very quickly because over the 20 years that we have existed,
we have simplified everything.
Each object has been thought over.
All the equipment too.
Every camp and hike action.

To serve you the mountains on a platter.

Randonnée montagne Panorama montagne Pause montagne Déjeuner montagne Randonnée montagne Complicité montagne

In 20 years, we have added
tips and tricks everywhere.

And rely on new-tech materials to constantly innovate.
Our promise: no waste of time, whatever the weather.
A pop-up tent, for example, comes in handy when it's raining heavily.
And ventilated fabric on a backpack is very useful in hot weather.

Complicated to keep it simple?
Yes, especially when you want everything to be safe, strong, light and durable and all at the same time!
An example:to design the 2-second tent, it took our teams 18,730 hours of work.

And for every product, it's the same thing.
The same quest for ingenuity.
The same requirements.
And the same idea in mind: to make mountain hikes easier and more spontaneous.
At the lowest cost, so that as many people as possible can benefit from them.

Matériel randonnée

in « tech »

Since the launch of our 2-second tent in 2005, we have never stopped inventing.
And reinventing hiking.
To help your legs breath when doing physical exercise, we have designed modular pants: and in one movement they become shorts.

For road-trip lovers, we created a rooftop tent, the Van500.
We also integrated new technologies.
In our textiles.
In our equipment.

To make our products even more ingenious.
The Fresh & Black system for example.
A blend of fabrics that naturally regulates the temperature and brightness of the tent!

2 Seconds easy ouverture 2 Seconds easy fermeture

Ingenuity, for us,
is also thinking about the planet.

You cannot love the mountains and nature without taking action to preserve them!
So we actively defend "leave no trace".
Eco-hiking, to collect litter.
Or, for more than 10 years now, eco-design.

Like our fleeces made from recycled polyester, made from plastic bottles.
Or our dyed textiles using the dope-dye process, which uses less water than conventional dyeing, and emits less waste-water.
This is one of our hiking mottos: strive for the highest levels of sustainability in all of our actions.

Polaire éco-conçue

And to be as close as possible
to your expectations,
we work close to the mountains!

Our design centre, the Mountain Store, is located
at the foot of the Mont-Blanc.
20 kilometres from Chamonix.
Practical for innovating!

As soon as we (eco) design a product, our team of product designers can test it in the field.
But also to test our products by hiking enthusiasts.
It allows us to really work in detail.
And to keep creativity on constant alert.

And as we are the first users of the products that we create, we ensure that they are flawless in terms of comfort, performance and ergonomics.

video visit

video visit

Mountain Store Mountain Store France We

By the way,
where does the name Quechua come from?

The Quechua people are an inspiration to us for their values and way of life in the mountains.
They cherish nature and protect it.
They care for their mountains and benefit responsibly from them.

The Quechua people founded on community and sharing have inspired our teams and that’s how our brand was born, from these shared values and this same passion for the mountains

Habitante Quachua Habitants Quachua

There you go, you now know a lot about Quechua.
See you soon for some new chapters!

There is still so much to imagine to allow you to experience great moments of escape, adventure, contemplation, sharing ... with the mountains as your playground.

Our years


The birth of the mountain brand

A dozen employees from the Decathlon group leave the headquarters in Lille to set up office in the Alps, as close as possible to mountain sports enthusiasts.
The adventure starts at the foot of Mont-Blanc, in a 55 m² flat, converted into an office.
The brand, destined to become legendary in the world of outdoor sports, is born: Quechua.
This same year saw the first Quechua-signed terrain test: it is in Morocco that the products will be put to the test in real conditions.


Quechua's first products arrive in store!

Less than a year later, in spring 1998, the group's mountain brand offers its products in all Decathlon stores.
Designed and tested with and for sports-persons,, Quechua products, right from the start, display bold terrain experience.


A site entirely dedicated to mountain sports

Two years after its creation, the Quechua team set themselves up in a 1000 sqm store, based close to Chamonix (France).
Within these premises 15 employees designed mountain hiking, climbing, mountaineering, ski and snowboard products.

Dawa Sherpa

The start of a beautiful history with our sporting ambassadors

To design even more innovative products, the brand calls upon the expertise of recognized athletes such as Dawa Sherpa: our most iconic ambassador in terms of his background and values.
A Nepalese ultra-trailer and skier, native to the Everest Valley, and a sportsman and humanist above all!
He won the 2003 UTMB® and also took part in the 2006, 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games.

2 Seconds

The "2 Seconds" revolution is up and running

"I dream about a tent that you can just throw in the air and it pitches itself:" words uttered by one of our testers in 2003.
Inspired by this insight, Quechua's teams accept the challenge. 2 years later, and after nearly 18,730 hours of research and development, they succeed!

Wedze Simond

Quechua creates the ski brand, Wedze!

This year marks the start of Wedze, dedicated to ski and snowboard activities.
Then in 2009, Decathlon acquires the climbing and mountaineering brand, Simond; Quechua hands over their ski and climbing activities to focus on hiking.

Polaire éco-conçue

First eco-friendly fleece

Protecting and reducing the environmental impact while guaranteeing technical products is the challenge of the Forclaz 50 fleece!
In 2010, the Forclaz 50 fleece becomes the brand's first eco-friendly fleece, made from recycled polyester created from plastic bottles.

Mountain Store

A new site dedicated to design

In 2014, our teams invest in new headquarters: The Mountain Store.
Designed with respect for the environment, this temple of mountain sports, still based at the foot of Mont Blanc, is dedicated to design. it focuses on design, has all the infrastructures to enable our passionate teams to design better products every day: prototyping workshop, innovation laboratory, customer listening area ...


Trekking becomes Forclaz

Quechua takes the decision to focus exclusively on hiking and camping.
The brand sets up Kalenji, in 2015, and then Forclaz which create trail-running and trekking products respectively.


Launch of equipment hire

Prompted by customers' lack of storage space, infrequent excursions or desire for greater sustainability, Forclaz and Quechua offer a rental service in France, offering trekking and camping equipment for hire.


15 years on, the camping revolution continues!

The new 2 Seconds EASY tent sees the light of day:: more compact, easier to pitch and fold-up, it promises great camping memories for many years to come!


Commitments towards even greater sustainability

In addition to offering you technical products, the design teams are committed to ensuring that by 2026, 100% of our products will be designed using a more environmentally friendly approach.

Quechua 2026