2 Seconds Easy tent

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The view of Christian Ollier, Quechua international director

"A key part of our job at Quechua is to undertake customer review sessions throughout the year. These are special times where we spend a week with our users on a site where the sport is practised, listening to their needs, their practical issues. During these sessions on the tent, our users asked us to develop a tent that can be pitched and folded away in a single step. By creating the 2Seconds® tent in 2005, we succeeded in meeting the need for a pop-up tent (2 seconds!) and we reduced the time it takes to fold the tent away tenfold: no more tent poles that need to be removed and patiently stored away in a bag, no more fly sheet to be separated from the inner tent and folded on the ground, while kneeling. However, the technique needed to fold the 2S away is not quite as natural as when pitching it, and requires some practice. Given our strong commitment to the task, we sought for years to develop an extremely easy and intuitive folding system. We went through a number of stages, using a dozen different ideas, prototypes, until a very simple idea emerged: pull on the string." Christian Ollier, Quechua manager