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15 Good reasons to go camping

The weekend is approaching and conditions are perfect for spending a night in the countryside...

Still unsure about going camping? check out our 15 top reasons for packing your bag!

1- you can boast about how adventurous you are at the coffee machine on Monday

2- you can enjoy the luxury of setting off any time, any place without the luxury of booking a room...

3- ...and you can sleep in a 1,000-star hotel!

4- you can take a scenic pee and pretend you're King of the Universe

5- you can commune with the neighbouring squirrels and deer when you wake up

6- you can try your hand at cooking al fresco and if it's a disaster you can blame it on the stove

7- you can score brownie points by treating your loved one to views of the sunset AND sunrise

8- you can take a siesta in a hammock and enjoy being gently rocked by the wind

9- you'll have an excuse (a poor one!) for ignoring phone calls from your boss or mother-in-law

10- you can watch the glowing, crackling embers while the marshmallows are roasting

11- it's a chance to reconnect with nature

12- you can teach your children about the constellations

13- you can enjoy the smell of pine trees and the sensation of blades of grass tickling your toes

14- you can be crowned king of tent folding!

15- you'll really appreciate the luxury of a bubble bath when you get home!


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