2 seconds EASY

Easy to install
Easy to fold up !




Instant opening
With our EASY technology setting up your tent has never been so quick: Just pull on two cords for its self-supporting structure to take shape.

Instant folding
By simply pressing the two push buttons the tent instantaeously folds down.

Tente 2 seconds Easy Ouverte Tente 2 seconds Easy Tente 2 seconds Easy Repliée

Once folded, the tent can be stored in a compact bag to make it even easier to transport.

Pack tente 2 seconds EASY
Intérieur tente jour Intérieur tente nuit

The Fresh & Black Technology

More freshness and darkness for a better sleep!
The fresh & black technology is patented. It reflects the sun's rays and isolates the light thanks to an alloy of specific materials.
Therefore reducing the feeling of heat inside the tent and providing more darkness.

Fraîcheur Freshness down to -17°C
Obscurité Darkness up to 99%


In order to guarantee quality tents, we carry out laboratory tests along with field tests, under real conditions.

  • Impermeability Tested under 200L/M²/H
    during 3 hours
  • Wind resistance 50km/h - Force 6
  • Limitation
    of condensation
    Double roof construction
  • Repairability Detached pieces
    available for 5 years
  • Guarantee During 5 years
Lever de soleil à la montagne


We make responsible dyeing choices that allow us to reduce the amount of water used compared to conventional dyeing processes.

On this EASY range, the interior rooms, the groundsheets and the blue parts of the double flysheet of these tents benefit from the "dope-dye" process which consists in dyeing the yarn during its manufacture.

The white parts of the flysheet are in "greige" which means that they are not dyed and remain in its raw colour state.


2 Seconds EASY

25 years of design from the classic 2 seconds tent to this new generation of 2 seconds EASY tent

2003 2003

« I dream of a tent
that assembles itself »

Jean-François Ratel, tent product manager
This remark makes more than one laugh since the task seems impossible. However, Jean-François and his team have only one desire: to take up this crazy challenge. It’s the starting point of the great adventure 2 seconds!

2005 - Un succès immédiat 2005


From its launch, the excitement around this innovation was total and the 2 seconds saga took off. Incredibly easy to use, it seduces all camping enthusiasts in the blink of an eye.

2006 - La 2 seconds Air, une tente qui respire 2006

The 2 seconds Air,
a tent that breathes

To increase the comfort in the tent when the temperatures are high, Quechua installs a ventilation system there: 2 side panels deviating from the inside.

2014 - my 2 seconds ou une tente sur mesure 2014

my 2 seconds ou
or a custom tent

Thousands of campers personalize their 2 seconds tent via the Quechua personalization module. Creations all more original than the others.

2016 - la 2 seconds devient “Fresh and Black” 2016

2 seconds becomes
“Fresh and Black”

Quechua innovates again with the creation of “Fresh & Black” technology, which keeps the freshness and darkness in its tents, for restful nights after a long hike.

2020 - La révolution continue ! 2020

The revolution

The new EASY 2 seconds tent is born; easier to open and fold up, more compact, it promises great camping experiences!

20 03