Equipe QuechuaAmandine, product manager Equipe Quechua

“Passionate” is definitely the term that defines me the best…Passionate about mountain sports, passionate about mountains, and passionate about products; I‘m taking my first steps as a product manager and I’m delighted by the adventure :-) ”

Can you tell us what is your job?

" The product manager’s profession is a rich and varied one, which is why it’s so great :-) My role is to analyze hikers’ needs in the field (who could ask for more when you love the mountains?!) and to try to meet those needs thanks to the best possible product offer.

To bring about this product offer, you need real teamwork with the designers, those who ensure product supply, who enhance them in our stores and on internet, and who explain them by the communication. My role is to orchestrate this symphony so that it is coherent throughout and especially ensure that the offer enchants hikers! "

What do you like about hiking?

" I hike in two different ways: with friends or family to share a moment together in a majestic setting, or alone or with my spouse in a more athletic manner so as to go beyond my own limits! "

Equipe Quechua

Do you have a favourite hike?

" The Vanoise park in Savoie, with its “lake of cows”, because that’s where I did my first hikes. Crossing the plateaus has a fun side when you’re a kid, and when you go back years later, the setting impresses you with its wild side… "

Your Quechua “must have” equipment for hiking ?

" When I hike, my priority is to have my ankles supported to avoid sprains on more technical trails, while simultaneously forgetting that I’m wearing shoes! The support-lightness compromise, coupled with good traction, of the MH500 Mid is perfect for me.

I also like to wear the MH500 shorts in which I can easily make long strides, and which wicks away sweat efficiently.

Lastly, even when we leave for a hike under sunny skies, a big storm is always possible, so a waterproof jacket is a must! My favorite is the MH900 jacket, for which the quality/price ratio is incredible. "

Hiking equipement quechua

Amandine's equipment

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