Camping in the rain: tips for getting kitted out and having fun

Camping in the rain: tips for getting kitted out and having fun

It’s often said that the camper’s worst enemy is the rain! No way! Follow our advice to stay dry while camping and not get bored on rainy days.

Camping in the rain: tips for getting kitted out and having fun

First, make sure you have the necessary equipment to keep your camp dry.

Let's start at the beginning: the tent!

The essential piece of equipment for your camping trips, make sure it’s still fully waterproof.

Indeed, if your tent already has a few adventures under its belt, its waterproofing may no longer work as well as before. The solution is easy - you need to re-waterproof it. Tell me, then, how do you do that? To make it easier for you, we’ve written an article, grouping together all our advice for re-waterproofing your tent, and it’s right here:

Second tip about tents - if you can, get a tent with a living area. The most compact tents don’t have one, but family tents come with a living area which will be very useful to shelter from the rain while waiting for the sun to return. If you want to see our tents with living room, they’re right here:

Camping in the rain: tips for getting kitted out and having fun

Your tent doesn’t have a living room? or do you simply want to enlarge your living space at the camp?

Do you want to gain more m2 on your camp by adding a living room? What a great idea to gain storage space, but especially to stay dry so you can go about your business in peace.

Discover different sizes of living rooms and find the one that best meets your needs: small ones, big ones, inflatable ones, those with classic arches, or maybe the Fresh ones ... there’s something for all tastes and colours!

Another solution, which takes up less space, and which also has the benefit of being less expensive, is to use a tarp. The tarp is an effective solution for increasing the living space in your camp, while remaining protected from bad weather and UV rays! One mat, a few tent pegs and you’re done!

Now that you’re fully equipped to brave the elements, let's move on to the activities part!

Camping in the rain: tips for getting kitted out and having fun

So, what to do when camping if it rains?

To make sure you’re never again bored when it rains, here’s a great list of activities to do when the bad weather comes your way when you’re staying in a tent !

At the campsite:
- How about going swimming? If you’re already wet anyway, you might as well enjoy the swimming pool, sea or ocean if it’s to hand! Even better: does your campsite have an indoor and possibly even heated swimming pool? What could be better! Going for a swim is mandatory!!!
Important: outdoor swimming is strongly discouraged in the event of a storm!
- Take time for yourself. Because the holidays are above all a time to recharge your batteries, so make the most of the rain to have a rest! Well, on on one de yoga Or more, on listening skills one voucher all The on: you’re on your holidays!
- Read a good book. Who has never dipped into a book only to come back out again many hours later? Grab a soft blanket, settle down comfortably in your armchair and take full advantage of what literature has to offer us.

- Board games. Essential whether you’re heading off with kids or not! It's the best way to pass the time while having fun and boosting the morale of the troops. Rain? Well? I don't see what you’re complaining about! Don't have much space? Card games are fun, too: war, rummy, belote, tarot .... there’s a whole string of games to keep you amused.
- Take the opportunity to please your loved ones: write postcards! What better time to recount the great times spent camping than when it's raining? Come on, choose the best cards and tell them how beautiful and warm the weather is and how great the sea is !
- Have a pancake party! What could be better than rainy weather to shut yourself away cooking pancakes all afternoon? For this, you'll need a fine skillet, as well as a good recipe: pssst ... we found a super recipe for you here.
- Does the campsite happen to provide any activities
for you?
- Final option: watch a good movie or series in the warm, under the duvet.

Camping in the rain: tips for getting kitted out and having fun

Outside the campsite:

- Go for a hike! Oh yes! You won’t melt, and a little water doesn’t scare you, right?
To convince you, we even wrote the 7 good reasons to hike in the rain! Don't hesitate, you'll love it, I promise.
--> take a good waterproof jacket;
--> bonus: jump into a big puddle for an immediate return to childhood.

- Set off to discover the region and its surroundings. Indeed, there must be buildings, museums, castles or other places to visit around you. This will keep you out of the rain while discovering new horizons.

- The all-time classic: the cinema. Just like at home, in case of heavy rain, take the opportunity to go to the nearest cinema and be amazed !

Bonus: What if you do NOTHING? Just saying...

Here are our top tips to equip yourself properly and have fun when it rains. Camping in the rain no longer holds any secrets for you, so enjoy!

Camping in the rain: tips for getting kitted out and having fun


Passionate about camping, even in the rain !

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