Check-list of camping equipment

Whatever your destination, here you'll find our comprehensive advice and our camping equipment check-list to help you remember everything you need when going camping with family or friends.

Checklist of camping equipment

That's it! Your long-awaited camping holiday is finally here and it's time to start packing! The boot is loaded and your things are ready but you have a niggling doubt in your mind: have you remembered everything? Effective packing is a guarantee of a successful holiday in optimum conditions.
And that is where we come in.

Whatever your destination, here you'll find our comprehensive advice and our camping equipment check-list to help you remember everything you need when going camping with family or friends. It is up to you to choose items from our list to suit your needs: do you want to camp in comfort in a home-from-home environment or would you rather travel light?

What do you need to take when you go camping?

On this page you'll find our check-list of camping essentials to help you remember everything you need before setting off!

You can print out our list of camping essentials.

Check-list of camping equipment to help you remember everything you need:


1/ What equipment is essential and how do i make sure i have everything i need for my camping trip?

If you want to enjoy a comfortable camping experience, here are the essentials to remember!

- your tent (which you should put up at home if possible before you set off to make sure that it is in good condition)
- your sleeping bag
- your mattress or sleeping mat
- something to set up camp (a mallet, tent pegs, a pump if you have an inflatable tent)
- a padlock (to protect your things when you are absent)

Do you want to enjoy the same level of comfort when you are camping as you have at home? If so, you can add the following to your car boot:
- a camping pillow
- a sleeping bag liner
- a blanket
- an awning or gazebo to create a social area
- the famous hammock
And the handy little accessories:
- sunglasses
- a road map
- a washing line and pegs-
a washing-up bowl
- a tarpaulin ground sheet to protect your tent and make it easier to clean at the end of your stay
- a repair kit so you're prepared for all eventualities !
- a lamp, a headlamp or a torch to make sure that you don't miss anything on those summer evenings
- a waterproof jacket for rainy days
- spare batteries

Checklist of camping equipment
What to take as cooking equipment

2/  What should i take as cooking equipment?

Camping doesn't automatically mean pasta every night!

It's important to vary your culinary pleasures.  Here are the essentials to pack to ensure you enjoy every meal :

- a camping table and chairs
- a cookset with plates, mugs and saucepans
- reusable cutlery
- a Swiss army knife
- a drinking bottle and thermos
- a stove and cartridges
- a lighter, matches or a flint stone for the more adventurous
- a tin opener, a bottle opener and corkscrew
- an ice box to keep your food and drinks cool with ice-packs
- food containers to protect food from bugs
- a sponge and biodegradable washing-up liquid

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3/ What should i take in my wash bag?

Here are our tips to help you remember to pack all your wash bag essentials before you set off!

- a microfibre towel
- biodegradable soap
- toilet paper
- a first aid kit for minor injuries
- ear plugs
- mosquito repellent or citronella candles
- sun cream
- a toothbrush
- detergent for hand washing

Are you going wild camping? If so, pack the following in your car boot:

- a solar shower
- a shower cubicle
- a bath towel


4/ Having fun when you're camping

camping first and foremost means fun! These items will naturally depend on your chosen camping location. However, there are a few classics. Here are a few items to take with you so can make the most of your holiday and really get away from it all:

- a local guide book
- a rucksack for when you want to go exploring
- a pack of cards or board games (for you and your children)
- a note book
- a petanque set
- a ball
- flippers, a mask and snorkel
- a camera
- a book to help you to identify plants, birds, stars, etc.

You now have  everything you need for your camping trip, naturally these are just a few ideas! You are free to add to the list with your own essential items!

If you would like to find out more, you can find our camping and bivouac advice here.

Camping equipment checklist: so you don't forget anything essential!


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