Discover the riches of an autumn hike

Mushrooms, blackberries etc... autumn is full of riches. So get out your hiking boots and come with us to pick the most appetizing fruits of the season!

A feast for your eyes...and your taste buds!

With its warm colours, wild fruits and migrating birds, autumn never ceases to give you good excuses to slip into your hiking boots. Rendez-vous with a microcosm of unsuspecting richness, for an autumn hike full of surprises.

Let's find the mushrooms in the under-growth ...

Whether located at the bottom of the valley or on the first mountainous acres, the forests have many surprises in store for you. Oaks, chestnuts and other beeches welcome you in a symphony of shimmering colours.

Don't forget to look at the ground, where the bronze ceps (aka boletus aereus) are playing hide and seek under the dead leaves. Be careful, however, not to confuse the star of autumn, with its refined and inimitable taste, with Satan boletes. Rare but poisonous, these boletes are identifiable by their red tint and their globular shape. 

Another beauty of the woods.the chanterelle. Its orange-flash colour and its convex cap make it easy to recognize. And what about its light apricot scent? It gives omelettes a amazing taste for your autumn evenings!

Picking and harvesting for gourmet desserts:

Along the mountain paths, a pretty bay will give you a wink … From September, the wild blackberries take on a beautiful purplish-black colour. In pies or jam, they will remind you of your childhood flavours…

Is there a little room left in your basket? Here's a challenge... try to collect chestnuts without pricking your fingers! The tip?Use your feet and your walking stick to extract the fruit from its burr. And it's up to you to taste the chestnuts roasted by the fire!

In the sky, migratory birds:

Your basket is now nice and full.Continue your hike at altitude and raise your eyes to the sky: falcons, storks or even common cranes remind you that in autumn, bird migration is in full swing. Get your binoculars out!

Soon, the last rays of sun fall on the valley, it's time to go home!

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