#HikeupPickup, the movement for outdoor enthusiasts

#Hikeuppickup, the movement for outdoor enthusiasts

We care just as much about protecting our natural playground as you do...
Our aim?
To create a cleaner, healthier environment.

Good news!

Everyone can take a small step to help: picking up the litter that you encounter on your hiking trails.
We have been supporting eco-hiking since 2018.
This year, we want to take things one step further by encouraging you to officially join our community through our movement: #HikeupPickup
Outdoor enthusiasts join forces to protect their environment.

How can you join our movement?

1. During one of your hikes, try to make a positive contribution to nature by picking up litter that you find along the way.
2 - Create content! Film your eco-hikes and your efforts to clear up the hiking trails, using your smartphones.
3 - Share your actions on Instagram or TikTok using #HikeupPickup and tagging @Quechua to inspire more people to get into the habit every time they go out and help make the outdoors even cleaner.

#HikeupPickup, the movement for outdoor enthusiasts