Hiking with baby? THE complete guide

Hiking with baby? Of course it's possible!  
Here is our complete guide and all our advice on how to go hiking with a baby, in all simplicity, from birth.

Hiking with baby: our guide

You have a baby and you want him/her to discover the benefits of a walk outdoors?
You are totally right!
You just have to equip yourself well, anticipate the needs to embark on a hike with your baby, in summer but also in winter.
What equipment do you use? How do you carry a baby when hiking? How do you dress?
Here is a guide full of advice for hiking with a baby.

There is no age for hiking! 👶🏼

The good news:you can hike at any age and therefore from birth or almost, it is possible to go hiking with a baby.
A means of gradually resuming physical activity after the birth of a child, a solution to take care of older children despite the presence of a newborn baby, the idea of affordable vacations ... hiking is for everyone.

Hiking with baby:our guide

from what age can you go hiking with a baby?

A hike with a baby of 3 months, 18 months, or even 3 years? 
At each age, you must of course adapt your route, your equipment and take some precautions; but it's totally possible and even advised
It will just be necessary to find the right carrying system so that the walk is a pleasure for everyone: the one being carried along with the carrier!

Hiking with baby:our guide

HOW DO YOU HIKE with a baby?

Thanks to these few tips and advice, hiking with your baby will be a real pleasure!
Whether it is an infant or a child who already walks, it is necessary to just have a minimum of organisation.
For a successful outing with a newborn baby, you need a little preparation:check the route, its difficulty, its elevation, the accessibility of the path ... and prepare the equipment, in addition to finding the right carrying system.

Once your child is old enough to walk, you can then alternate between carrying and walking alone.
Be careful not to put the little ones off hiking by forcing them to go on outings that are too long or difficult.
Introducing your children to hiking from an early age, means hopefully that they will enjoy this type of activity when they are older too. And then you can embark on longer walks, steeper or longer outings, sleep in a refuge, go camping or even go on a bivouac:
It's the first step to a micro-adventure!

Hiking with baby:our guide
Hiking with baby: our guide

HOW DO YOU CARRY a baby when hiking?🌲

You can therefore take your baby hiking from birth.
You still have to find the right carrying system because there is no question of leaving with a stroller or carrying the baby in your arms in the middle of nature.
To ensure a good physiological carrying position for an infant while hiking, there are different systems that could be separated into two main categories: "sling" type carrying systems and preformed baby carriers.

Woven or stretch scarves, meï-taï, ring-slings… they can scare some parents because of their complex knotting system; baby slings can be used from birth for hiking.
Having your newborn baby in a belly position, close to you, will give him/her a feeling of security, while cradling him/her.
A way for walking longer, and avoid crying!

Hiking with baby:our guide

Baby carrying backpack:from what age? 

For those who do not feel comfortable with baby slings and their knot systems which seem tedious at first glance, there is another ready-to-use solution to go hiking with your young child with.
The so-called preformed baby carriers can be used from birth for certain models, or even from 6 months when your child begins to have more muscle tone.
As soon as your newborn manages to catch his/her feet, you can opt for most of these means of physiological carrying systems which are attached in a few clips.

These baby carriers often offer 2 positions: 1 front position and 1 back position.
The front position is favourable for the very little ones.
On the other hand, when the child's weight is heavier, it is more comfortable to carry the baby on the back!

These physiological baby carriers allow them to be used up to 15 kgs.
Products also feature waterproof protection systems to add in the event of rain. For hiking in all weather conditions.

Hiking with baby:our guide

Which baby carrier to go hiking with?

Your child is growing, they are more and more curious, maybe now is the time to switch to a hiking baby carrier positioned on the back
With its padded shoulder straps, its metal frame, its folding sun protection, thanks to this baby carrier, your little one will dominate the landscape, above the shoulders of the wearer. 
Carrying solution to adopt when it is very hot, this will prevent you from sweating too much because of the two bodies touching each other and you and your child getting damp with perspiration. 

A precaution to take: watch out for branches, obstacles and other signs that may touch the child's head when you bend down! It happens to the best of us, it's already happened to me...


Remember to take breaks to stretch your legs and body, even for the little one!

Allow half of the total time of your hike to be spent on breaks to explore or to take your child for a walk alone.
For a hike with an infant, we can also start from the following principle: 10 minutes break every hour or every 2 hours if the baby is sleeping.

Whatever carrying system chosen, there is an imperative: check every 10 to 15 minutes that your child is ok, especially if he/she is on your back.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself to make sure that everything is ok for your baby when hiking:
- Is he/she not too warm?How are their limbs?Are their feet and hands too cold?
- Are they breathing correctly?Are their airways clear?
- Is their position still physiological, i.e. sitting like a frog with the knees above the buttocks, the head aligned with the spine and the pelvis?
Despite doing everything, your little one is crying or moving around in the baby carrier, it might be time to take a break, or even go home.
Hiking with baby must remain a moment of pleasure for everyone, I remind you!

Hiking with baby:our guide