How to choose junior hiking footwear?

How do you choose hiking shorts?

To support you with all your adventures and especially during the sunny season, shorts are an essential element of hiking kit!
Discover how to choose the one best suited to your adventures 😉

The different types of shorts for treks:

You've maybe already got a pair of shorts or two in your wardrobe.
Let's go over the points for choosing the shorts best-suited to outdoor ventures.

- Gym shorts use more lightweight and breathable fabrics. Often, they'll have a single pocket to avoid weighing the shorts down with accessories. They're generally fragile and aren't very wear-resistant. Perfect for brisk walks, but avoid sitting on rocks.
- Running shorts are similar to gym shorts.
- Cargo shorts have multiple pockets. They usually have side pockets that can hold large volumes. Perfect if you like having everything you need close to hand.
- Hiking shorts stand out with their design, which guarantees great comfort over use, boosted resistance to wear and rubbing, and of course, optimal comfort when hiking.

Amongst the hiking shorts range, how can you know which ones are best for you? We're here to point you in the right direction!

How do you choose hiking shorts?

Which hiking shorts are best for you?

In order to find and choose the best hiking shorts so that you stay cool on the trails and have unparalleled freedom of movement, we explain several elements to you!

Why are there different shorts for men and women?

The body-shape differences between men and women are particularly significant at the hips. That's why it's important to choose shorts that suit your body type. That said, some men have wide hips and some women have narrow hips.
If you can't find shorts that fit you perfectly in the aisle for your gender, have a look in the other aisle!

Trekking shorts or walking shorts - how to choose

All our shorts are designed to offer your great freedom of movement and comfort during your hikes.
So, how can you choose from our range ?

Other than the size and number of pockets, the main difference between our shorts lies in their rubbing resistance. Let me explain:
All shorts are designed to last over time. Trekking shorts are made to resist everything, thanks to their inserts and details on the zones most exposed to rubbing:
E.g., the buttocks.
Yet, these reinforcements mean that trekking shorts are heavier than classic hiking shorts.

Cotton shorts will be heavier and less breathable than shorts made with synthetic fabrics. If you're planning on an intense hike, opt for synthetic shorts, or if you prefer the soft-touch of cotton and are going for a relaxed walk, opt for the cotton pair.

It's up to you to determine what your needs will be: Shorts that you forget you're wearing because they're so light, or heavier shorts that you can take plenty of sitting-down breaks in on the rocks.

A little tip for you: don't forget that your legs will be out in the fresh air and so they'll be at risk of sunburn! Remember to take SPF to protect your skin from the sun's UV rays!

How do you choose hiking shorts?

Hike in shorts or trousers?

Hiking in variable conditions with changing temperatures can sometimes be a real nightmare if you don't have the right kit and carrying hiking trousers, bermuda shorts, a rain jacket, a fleece or a mid-layer, etc., can really be a huge hindrance.
So, it can be hard to make the right compromises.
The solution? Modular trousers/shorts.
This piece of hiking clothing means you can switch between trousers and shorts, and vice-versa, super easily.
If you're in the midst of the physical effort and start to get too hot, you can get changes without taking off your shoes!

How do you choose hiking shorts?

Spotlight on walking skorts for women

Lightweight design, comfort and style… Skorts are one of the favourite products of female workers.
Their drawstrings and stretchy shorts allow hikers to perfectly adapt them to their body shapes.
Pockets are concealed underneath the skirt, so you can keep all your essential items close to hand.
Of course, depending on the weather, your preferences and the intensity of your activity, you have the choice of material!

Discover the skort range

Congratulations - you've found the shorts or skort that will join you on plenty of your future outdoor adventures !
If you're looking for the perfect hiking T-shirt to complete your outfit:

How do you choose hiking shorts?

How do you dress for hiking in winter?

For cooler seasons with low temperatures, it is better to go out with hiking pants to keep you warm and provide protection for your legs.

How to choose a good pair of hiking pants?

Take a look at our article to find out more!

How do you choose hiking shorts?


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How to choose junior hiking footwear?

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How to choose junior hiking footwear?

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