How to choose hiking your shorts?

To accompany you on all your outings and especially on sunny days, shorts are the essential hiking garment! Find out all our tips 😉

How do you choose junior hiking footwear?

Among hiking clothes, shorts stand out from the rest because they offer great ease for maximum freedom of movement. It allows you to carry out multiple activities such as outdoor activities, walks, bivouacs, hikes with a backpack, etc.

The different types of shorts on the market:

Shorts can be made of several materials to benefit from the advantages of different fabrics, for example cotton brings softness but is slightly heavier, synthetic fibres offer good speed of drying and breathability and elastane makes more stretchy fabrics. To this, there are various types of formats and cuts. The most well know are:
- Sport's shorts are characterized by lighter and more breathable fabrics.Often it has a single pocket so as not to weigh down the shorts with accessories.
- Running shorts are similar to sports shorts, the goal is to optimize as much as possible the weight of the fabric.
- Cargo shorts are shorts with several pockets.They are often equipped with big volume side pockets.
- Hiking shorts stand out for providing comfort, protection and good freedom of movement.
- Skirts are also possible!
We will now focus on hiking shorts!

How do you choose hiking shorts?


In order to find and choose the best hiking shorts so that you stay cool on the trails and have unparalleled freedom of movement, we explain several elements to you!

How do you choose hiking shorts?


How do you choose hiking shorts?

Hiking wearing shorts or pants?

Hiking in variable conditions with changing temperatures can sometimes become a real hassle if you are not sufficiently dressed, but carrying hiking pants, Bermuda shorts, a rain jacket, a fleece, a mid-layer, ... can prove to be a real constraint. It is therefore difficult to make good compromises.
Well... not anymore!Modular pants / shorts exist and are suitable for all types of hikes! This hiking garment makes it easy to switch from shorts to pants and vice versa during your hikes.
With Quechua's modular pants/shorts, you don't even have to take off your footwear, nothing could be more practical!

How do you choose hiking shorts?
How do you choose hiking shorts?
How do you choose hiking shorts?

What hiking textile brand to choose?

A diversity of brands, called "outdoor" are present on the market at all prices and for all activities.The main thing is to find hiking pants that meet your needs and activities. The little advantage of the Quechua teams is that they have designed a more sustainable and eco-designed range of pants.

How do you choose hiking shorts?


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