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How to choose your sandals or ventilated shoes for hiking?

Check our tips to help you choose your sandals or ventilated shoes for warm weather hiking all summer!

Looking for hiking shoes or sandals to keep your feet cool and dry this summer? We give you all the information you need to make the right choice and find the perfect pair of shoes for your warm weather adventures! And of course, we also guide you in choosing sandals for the younger ones!

How to choose your hiking sandals or ventilated shoes

Which walking sandals to choose?

We are talking about sandals designed specifically for walking, we don’t advise you to go into the mountains in flip-flops or poolside sliders. Hiking requires an adapted type of sandal with a sole that offers cushioning and grip. This will prevent you from falling and injuring yourself on trails.

Are you going hiking on a trail when it's hot and dry? Sandals will surely be recommended to enjoy your walk without weighing you down and will always keep your feet cool.

Their anti-slip soles are designed to provide great comfort but also a lot of grip on the paths. And of course, you can cross a small stream or two without worrying as your shoes will dry quickly.

That said, if your sandals are made of leather, they won’t appreciate the passage through water. So be sure to check that the sandals are suitable for your route.

If you hike regularly or go backpacking to explore new countries, go for a comfortable sandal with good cushioning and spikes to ensure optimum grip.

If you're looking for sandals for occasional use or to rest after an intense day of sport, you can opt for a light and compact model that will be perfect for bivouacs or camping, for example.

What are the differences between women's and men's hiking sandals?

Women's and men's feet are physiologically somewhat different. Walking sandals for men are often wider. For the rest, we work with different looks in order to offer a wide range of sandals. We hope that you will find the right one for you all summer long.

How to choose your hiking sandals or ventilated shoes

What are the best shoes for hiking in summer?

Do you want to go hiking regularly and walk off the beaten track (within the permitted limits)? We advise you to choose well-ventilated hiking shoes. In hot, dry weather they are comfortable because the moisture generated is easily wicked away, and the occasional ford won’t scare you. Your feet will be protected from stones, vegetation, etc. and at the same time you won't feel like you have locked them in a sauna. All the better, as moisture in shoes can cause blisters!

How to choose your hiking sandals or ventilated shoes

What are the differences between hiking or trekking sandals and ventilated shoes?

The main difference between walking sandals and hiking shoes is toe protection. And of course, secondly, your personal preference: do you like to go barefoot or do you prefer to have socks on in all circumstances? But the two shoe styles can be complementary: If you’re hiking for several days, you should use your usual trekking shoes and put a pair of sandals in your bag to air your feet in the evening at the bivouac.

How to choose your hiking sandals or ventilated shoes

Choosing sports sandals for kids

Are you going hiking with the family this summer? You'll need to equip the kids! They too will need a good pair of sandals to go out on the trails.

Comfort, lightness and durability, we work on all aspects of the product so that your kids have a fabulous outdoor experience. To make it easier for the little ones to be independent, our sandals are equipped with rip-tabs and are easy to put on and take off. The outer soles of Quechua hiking sandals are specifically designed to provide grip and durability.

We have worked with different products so that you can choose the one that best suits the type of terrain you will be tackling with your little hikers.

If you're going on flat terrain or coastal trails (for example), rocks will be rare, you can go for a product with an open forefoot.

If you're going on trails with a lot of gravel, you'll opt for a sandal with a closed front to protect your toes.

How to choose your hiking sandals or ventilated shoes

Can I walk in sandals or trainers on asphalt?

Hiking sandals have relatively soft soles to provide optimal grip on trails. Perfect on natural terrain, this softness of the material makes it more fragile on abrasive ground. This is especially true on asphalt, which heats up a lot in summer due to its dark colour. If you want to keep your hiking sandals for as long as possible, we recommend that you avoid walking for long periods of time in towns or on tarmac roads. If you’re going to walk on very abrasive terrain (e.g. volcanic soil), check the material of your soles to avoid coming back with slick soles!

Is it really comfortable to walk in sandals?

Honestly, it all depends on the sandals! Before you set out on a few hours' hike in sandals, take the time to check that you don't have any rubbing points in your sandals. But if you feel good in your shoes, you'll love hiking in sandals. Having your feet out in the open air in nature is extremely pleasant, especially if it's very hot.

A little extra tip: make sure you cream the top of your feet (also called the instep) with SPF 50 sun cream! Getting sunburned on your feet is not an experience I would recommend, especially as you will find it difficult to put on closed shoes until it is treated. In the mountains (even at low altitude, or in the valley) or by the sea, UV rays are more powerful than in the forest, for example, so think about it! However, even with cream, if you always hike with the same sandals all summer, you will get nice tan lines that look like the straps of your shoes.

You can also choose to wear your sandals with socks if it is more comfortable for you. Choose your socks accordingly!

How to choose your hiking sandals or ventilated shoes

What socks should I wear with ventilated walking shoes?

If you have opted for ventilated walking shoes, your aim is to wick away as much perspiration as possible from your feet when you are walking. But be aware, If you put on your favourite cotton terry socks (or ankle socks), you'll sort of negate the effect of the shoes. You will actually need a lightweight sock that wicks away perspiration. 

So we recommend ultra-breathable polyamide socks to complement the action of the shoes. And because they dry quickly, you won't even have to worry about crossing water.

How to choose your hiking sandals or ventilated shoes

Are my ventilated walking shoes waterproof?

No! If they were waterproof they wouldn’t be as breathable. If you look at your ventilated shoes, you’ll see that they are usually made of mesh. This type of material knit creates tiny holes all over the instep (obviously the sole is not ventilated). These holes are necessary to let moisture from your feet escape as you walk. It’s also thanks to them that your shoes dry quickly if you walk through a stream.

For your shoes to be waterproof, all the holes in them must be filled. The seams of waterproof shoes, for example, are sealed with a tape that prevents water from seeping through the holes created by the needles during sewing. 

This also explains why applying a waterproofing spray to a shoe (or product) that is not waterproof in the first place will not make it waterproof.

How do we reduce the environmental footprint of our footwear?

Reducing the environmental impact of our hiking products is at the heart of all our new developments. From recycled components to more water-efficient dyes, we choose elements that help protect our playground and yours wherever possible. The longer you enjoy your hiking shoes, the more their footprint is reduced. That's why we strive to make our products as durable as possible.

And if you don't need a product any longer, bring it back to the store. We will restore it to its original condition and give it a second life! Sold at a low price, it means hikers on a tight budget can be well equipped.

Have you decided between ventilated walking shoes or hiking sandals? Take the time to choose the right socks for your choice. And above all, always leave well prepared and well equipped to make the most of your outdoor activities.

How to choose your hiking sandals or ventilated shoes


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