Folding and storing a sleeping bag

How to fold and put away your sleeping bag

In this article, we give you our tips on how to fold and store your sleeping bag correctly. You will have everything you need to enjoy your bivouac or camping equipment for as long as possible!

On this page you will find all our tips on how to prolong the life of your sleeping bag through its storage, which is part of the maintenance of the product. From folding to storage, we’ll give you all our tips!

2 Steps to properly maintain your sleeping bag

  1. 1 Fold up
  2. 2 Storing

1/ How to fold your sleeping bag

No need to learn origami!

TRUE OR FALSE? Always fold your sleeping bag following a specific folding pattern to ensure that it fits into its cover.

WRONG! This misconception can damage your duvet as it will always be folded in the same places. The feathers and wadding will pack down more easily and lose their insulating power.

For the purpose of preserving the sleeping bag and saving time, the best way to store it is to "stuff" it into its bag.


2/ How to store and put away your sleeping bag

Whether your sleeping bag is made of feathers or wadding, it is best to store it uncompressed.

If you keep your down compressed in its storage bag, you risk damaging the feather or wadding, which will lose their loft. Although sleeping bags filled with wadding are less delicate, wadding, like down, does not react well to being compressed for long periods of time.

You have two solutions:

- use a storage bag that is bigger than the stuff sack to preserve the fill power of your sleeping bag,

- hang your sleeping bag on a hanger like a pair of trousers.


Have you thought about the sack sheet?

To avoid washing your sleeping bag too often, we advise you to buy a sack sheet, which is much easier to maintain than a feather sleeping bag, for example. The sack sheet will also allow you to gain several degrees and be warmer in your duvet.

How to maintain a sleeping bag?
How to maintain a sleeping bag?

Tip before your camping or bivouac trip

Do not hesitate to leave your duvet in the open air for a few days before leaving. 

This will allow the feathers or wadding to regain their loft and insulating power.

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