Equipe Quechua

“Julie, 27, dynamic and always ready for new challenges”

Can you tell us more about your job?

"I’m a product engineer for hiking apparel. I work closely with my designer to create beautiful technical products that meet the needs of sportsmen and women.

Concretely, we start with a need, for example, I want a waterproof jacket for 50€; and starting with a blank sheet of paper we’ll choose designs, components, assembly, accessories, and technical characteristics to best meet that need.

Once the design and all the elements are chosen for the product, we test it, whether in the lab or out in the field, to certify that our product can be used and branded as waterproof. Then, I work with suppliers to implement in production what has been decided."

What do you like about hiking?

"Mountain hiking lets you go on adventures and discover summits. You never know what you’ll find up there and with the rapidly changing weather in the mountains, we never have the same view. Each climb is virtually one of a kind!"

Equipe Quechua

Do you have a favourite hike?

"I loved the Desert de Platé: a beautiful climb, mixed trails going from earthy to rocky to grassy, and the view from the top is truly magical."

Your Quechua “must have” equipment for hiking ?

" Necessary equipment:
Good shoes; I like the waterproof MH500, which ensure that your feet remain dry, that you have good traction, and that your ankles are well-protected!
A jacket, and in particular the red MH900 - I love its color and its lines, and it’s also light and waterproof!
The black MH500 shorts, which are practical, light, and super comfortable and resistant
And a good backpack for carrying the picnic and the bottle of water! The MH100 is super practical, ergonomic, and comfortable: I recommend it! "

Equipement de randonnée quechua

Julie's equipment

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