List of essential items to prepare for your backpack - title

List of essential items to prepare for your backpack

With the help of its Mountain Guides partner, Quechua has drawn up a list of essential items for your backpack.

Preparing your backpack - list


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Getting ready to go on a hike?

For a one-day hike, we recommend that you take a small-sized backpack (up to 20L) to save weight.

However, if you have to carry the belongings of your teammates or children, a 20 to 40 L bag may be more suitable.

List of essential items to prepare for your backpack


- Clothing that is suitable for the weather, which can change very quickly: a fleece, waterproof and windproof jacket (check out our men's and women's jackets) and, possibly, a spare T-shirt

- A cap, hat or headband

- A pair of gloves if you are walking at altitude or in cold weather

- Sunglasses for use in the mountains: category 3-4 or SPF 50

- Sun cream

- Insect repellent, if you are going near wetlands (marshes, lakes, rivers, etc.)

- A pair of poles if you use them

- And a packet of tissues or a small roll of toilet paper can always come in useful

Revise the 3-layer technique here in order to keep warm and dry in your hiking clothing:

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Food & hydration

- Water (1 to 2 L/person depending on the season)

- A picnic and/or a few cereal bars or some dried fruit for your breaks or if you should suddenly feel tired

- And, possibly, some dry wash gel

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Directing customers

- An Ordnance Survey map of the site

- A compass and an altimeter

Revise the basic compass navigation techniques here so that you are ready before you leave!

First-aid kit


- A fully-charged mobile phone and the relevant emergency numbers (in the French mountains, call 112 if needed)

- A first aid kit (plaster, disinfectant spray, compresses, aspirin, etc.)

- A hand torch or head torch

- A knife

- A survival blanket

- A whistle

Obviously, this list of "basics" needs to be tailored to the level of comfort you want. it does not cover every eventuality, so feel free to add other items to the list in order to make the most of your day out: camera, mp3 player, deck of cards, plant and animal recognition guide... enjoy your hike!

List of essential items to prepare for your backpack


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