Manage your hiking pace

Manage your hiking pace

Summer is on the horizon... so don’t hesitate to go hiking.
But the walking pace for the young and not-so-young is often very different.
With mountain guides, we’ll give you our tips to learn how to manage your hikes and turn these moments of escape into beautiful adventures!

Go at your pace

Generally speaking, after one or two hours of effort, a group logic will gradually be established. The more experienced and the kids will lead the group with enthusiasm, while the less athletic or fragile people will follow at their own pace. However, in order to avoid the gap widening too much, remember to wait for each other at the important points of the hike.

Learn to manage the kids

If you follow the tips in our section on "hiking with kids", you already have a good idea of how to get them to follow you everywhere. To hike with them safely, you simply need to anticipate their actions as much as possible in to prevent possible risky situations.

Until they reach adolescence, kids have some difficulty in managing their effort. They are therefore likely to tire quickly and to be less cooperative on the way back. Make sure that they have regular breaks and adapt the duration of the hike to the youngest.


Taking a moment to rest, enjoy the scenery, drink, and possibly eat a snack is important to regain the energy to continue your walk. If taken regularly, they will let you reach your goal without getting tired. They are also essential to maintain the cohesion of the group and to stop the kids getting prematurely exhausted.

Know when to turn back and go home

Hiking also means knowing how to manage your body and knowing your own limits. When preparing your route, you have of course taken into account your physical condition as well as that of those accompanying you.

However, it sometimes happens that the weather conditions are not as favourable as they were at the start or that one of the participants gets injured. It’s then essential to know how to turn back or, in the most serious cases, to contact the mountain rescue service, which will be able to advise you on what to do next.

Let yourself be guided

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Launch the guide and enjoy, we take care of everything, even without reception.

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