Managing your hiking pace!

Managing your hiking pace!

Summer is rearing its head again, so don’t hesitate in heading off on a hike.

Yet between young and old, the pace is often quite different. With Mountain Guides, we will give you our tips to learn how to manage your hikes and turn these moments of escapism into wonderful adventures! Mountain landscape family hike.

Going at your pace.

Generally, after one or two hours of effort, a group mentality will gradually come into play. The most hardened and the children lead the group with enthusiasm, whereas the less sporty people or delicate ones follow at their pace. However, in order to avoid the gap becoming too wide consider waiting at significant points on the hike.

Learning to manage children.

If you are following the tips from our hiking with children sections you’ve already got a good idea of how to encourage them to follow you everywhere. To hike with them completely safely, you just need to anticipate as much as possible their actions and habits in order to prevent possible dangerous situations.

Until adolescence, children find it difficult to control their effort. They therefore are at risk of tiring out quickly and being less cooperative on the way back. So make sure you offer them regular breaks and of course adapt the length of the hike for the youngest.

The breaks

provide a moment to rest, enjoy the countryside, drink and possibly eat a snack in order to get back enough energy to continue their hike. Done regularly, they will allow you to reach your goal without tiring yourself out. They are also essential in order to keep the group together and avoid children getting tired out too early.

Knowing when to stop and start

hiking again also means being able to manage your body and know your own limits. When preparing your route you will, of course, have taken into account your physical fitness as well as that of the people who you are going with. However, sometimes weather conditions aren’t as favourable as when you leave or one of the participants is injured. It’s therefore essential to be able to double-back or, in the most serious of cases, make contact with the mountain rescue service who will be able to advice you on the route to follow.

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