Equipe Quechua

“ Sometimes you have to look at life from a different angle ”

Can you tell us about your job?

" A passion-filled job !!!!! My job is like a magician “ I transform your ideas into reality” : “poof , a tent”.

But, more seriously: I work with designers, engineers and product managers. We determine together the design brief for the new tent we are going to create. I create the structure and take measurements to construct an initial 3D “skin”. With that, I determine the templates and the different sewing assemblies.

Then, I can start to cut out the template and begin assembling with a sewing machine to create the first prototype. It gives the teams concrete ideas to move towards the best solution. "

What do you like about hiking?

" What I love about hiking in the mountains is being alone with yourself and also the effort you make to see the view. Also, being united again with nature. "

Equipe Quechua

Do you have a favourite hike?

" Aiguille rouge de Varan. Breathtaking landscapes. "

Your Quechua “must have” equipment for hiking?

" The black MH500 WTP jacket is a “must have” for quickly changing weather.
The Forclaz 400 men’s second layer for protection from cold in the mountains, up in the passes.
The Forclaz 30L backpack is simple and lightweight, for taking everything with you. "

Equipement de randonnée quechua

Mickael's equipment

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