New-generation fleeces

MH520 & MH520 hoodie | New-generation fleeces!

More technical, more resistant, warmer !
A new range of Quechua fleeces has just been launched to bring more technicality and a modern style to this basic of any outdoor outfit!

New-generation fleeces

New look for fleeces

The fleece is THE essential item for a hike or when the temperature drops !
At the bottom of a backpack, hung around your waist or closed all the way up, fleeces are everywhere.
Here at Quechua, we’ve been designing fleeces since 1987, and this year again, our teams have embarked on quite a challenge: to renew the range of a flagship product we all have in our wardrobes.
To do so, we started from the basics with the aim of offering a new range of fleeces, called MH 520 and MH 520 hoodie, which are warmer, more breathable and eco-designed.
The basis of everything in such an outfit is, of course, the fabric.

New-generation fleeces

Exclusive components for improved technicality

A fabric, made of 95% recycled polyester knit, which has gone from 200 to 300 g/sqm in weight for warmth while remaining light.
Recycled polyester, but which doesn’t detract from its technical nature: it provides breathability by facilitating perspiration wicking thanks to this famously hydrophobic fabric, which literally doesn’t like water !
A second component, stretch, has been added to our 520 Hoodie fleeces for greater freedom of movement, while the microgrid structure offers even more breathability !
Scraping, abrasion... these are the tortures this fabric has to go through to offer a softer touch.
Textured on the inside for comfort, smooth and visually matte on the outside, the fabric
is more resistant.

New-generation fleeces

Tested and approved!

No more pilling : it's a fleece you keep in good condition for a long time!
Care instructions to ensure lasting quality of your fleece ?
Machine-wash at a maximum 30°C and no ironing needed 😉 !
To be sure, a series of tests was carried out : laboratory tests to check resistance to abrasion, tests on treadmills where volunteers put on fleeces and walk for hours, bag on their back, field tests to compare the conditions of use, and finally, wear tests using multiple machine wash cycles.
And yes, it’s just that💪🏻!

New-generation fleeces

Plastic bottles can take a hike

So now you know - plastic bottles can go hiking, too !
Of course, there’s no question of replacing water bottles with plastic: we're talking here about recycling plastic bottles and textile scraps to produce the polyester used to create the fleece you can take with you everywhere.

Today, we’re making great quality fleeces composed of at least 66% (men’s models), 70% (women’s models) and 71% (junior’s models) of recycled polyester for 90% of our models. All 520 fleeces and 520 hoodies are thus eco-designed using fully recycled polyester yarns. A way to limit our CO2 consumption on a flagship product in terms of volumes deployed within our brand !

Another pillar of this eco-design: yarn dyeing. For the black colour, the yarn is dyed from its conception to avoid "dye baths" that use a lot of water. Using the dope dyed and biton processes on a fabric cuts water consumption by around 30-40% compared to conventional dyeing. In other words, we save around 15 liters of water per kg of component.

New-generation fleeces

More style

Our teams have reworked the style of this timeless, essential, sporty model: with or without hood, cuff or thumb loop, additional chest pocket for the men’s model, a fitted line with longer back for women...
The raglan armholes also allow better freedom of movement for the arms.
The zips are discreet for women's fleeces, more sporty in the men's models.
Particular care has also been taken with the finishes: both in the choice of secondary components and even in the pockets to avoid air getting in, which cools the body, as well as during assembly, or the choice of accessories.

New-generation fleeces

A fleece for every requirement

As well as style, we’ve set out to offer you choice with a wide range of colours !
To follow the changing trends, but above all to meet all your requirements, no less than 16 colours are being launched this year :
6 colours for the MH 520 : 3 colours on the men's model and 3 on the women's.
10 for the MH 520 Hoodie, 5 for the men's model and 5 for the women's.
So the most difficult thing will be making your choice!

As you’ll realise, with a classic model without hood or a version with hood that fits close to the body and is more sporty, all in a wide choice of colours, there’s definitely a fleece to suit all tastes, all styles, all uses and even your daily life.

Something to keep you in tune with the times with your fleece !

New-generation fleeces
New-generation fleeces