Equipe Quechua

“Hello, I'm Paloma. I am in love with life and our beautiful planet and mankind. I am also super curious and optimistic. I now work for Quechua as a designer, surrounded by mountains."

Can you tell us about your job?

" I’ve been a designer for over 10 years now, and I’m still motivated by the same passion. Because each day, thanks to people like me, the sketch of a clothing item can come to life.

From a simple sketch, I interpret what the stylist is trying to say; I imagine how each part of the item will be assembled; I give advice on the cutting so that it flatters the person wearing the clothing (no matter their figure, sometimes all it takes is a well-drawn line to “cheat”, like with makeup) but also—and above all—so that he or she feels good in the item and can move as they want to within. I draw up patterns and measurement tables.

This is often how I talk about my job, to be simple: if you like an item of clothing, then the stylist has done a good job; if the item fits you well and is comfortable, then I’ve done a good job. "

What do you like about hiking?

" I like being in touch with nature, being connected with her. Returning to my place in the world, and feeling so small in doing so. And, when I hike, that is exactly the mindset that I’m in. I forget how difficult it is, because the landscapes carry me away.

Always looking for the next vantage point that will take my breath away. I forget daily life, struck by the beauty of the mountains. And, moreover, there’s sharing. The possibility to have common, magical memories "

Equipe Quechua

Do you have a favourite hike?

" I have a wonderful memory of a hike through Yosemite (USA). Simply because, upon arriving at the lake, with the transparent water, the evergreens, and the mountains, I could have sworn I was in Canada. And I thought to myself just how crazily beautiful it was, and that I’d never imagined that California could look like that. And there were chipmunks, and squirrels…

In France in Haute Savoie, I particularly love the Lac Blanc hike from the col des Montets. It’s a magnificent trail with incredible views of the Aiguille Verte and the Mont Blanc chain. There are even some fun little passages with ladders, so you feel like a real adventurer. And there’s often the opportunity to observe local wildlife (which is really cool) like groundhogs or mountain goats. "

Your Quechua “must have” equipment for hiking?

" I like our Forclaz 400 arctic fleece, because I like the cut (read: I don’t look like a sack), it has a hood, and thumb holes (which is great for those like me who are always a bit chilly), the FH500 Helium T-shirt (because I find it feminine and really light/fluid).

I also use the MH100 20L backpack, which—for its price—is super practical and well-designed.

And lastly, the 500 water bottle, indispensable for hydration. "

Equipement de randonnée quechua

Paloma's equipment