The fleece:
a must-have for every adventure

- Quechua - 

The fleece is the essential item of clothing that the whole family has in their wardrobe or at the bottom of their backpack. 
It's a great way to cover up for some great hikes, as well as for everyday life.
Today, we invite you to take a look behind the scenes in the making of our Quechua fleeces, faithful companions that have stood the test of time, constantly being reinvented to ensure they never go out of fashion.

Let's unravel the thread!

Welcome to the world of Quechua, where, since 1987, the fleece has become much more than just a piece of clothing, it has become a partner in all your adventures.
In over thirty years, it has endured through the ages without losing any of its popularity, adapting with the times and trends to become an essential part of our daily lives.
That's why our teams are constantly working on a wide range of fleeces, to meet every need and activity, for men, women and children.
But beyond its functionality, we invite you to go behind the scenes of our creations, to discover the stories behind each thread, each detail, each seam.


100% of our fleeces eco-designed by 2024.

If there's one imperative in our design process, from the selection of raw materials to the production of prototypes, including rigorous testing to guarantee optimum quality, it's respect for the environment.
It was in the early 2010s that the Forclaz 50 model, one of the most affordable and therefore best-selling products in the range, began to feature a polyester fabric created from recycled plastic bottles.
It takes around ten plastic bottles to make the fabric for a fleece. Over 130 million bottles are now recycled each year to produce this fibre.
It is used for 90% of Quechua fleeces designed for women, and for 97% of men's models.
The new MH520 hoodies are the newest addition to the range and are highly ambitious, using not only recycled polyester but also the Dope Dye technique to dye the fabric right from the design stage, thereby reducing water and energy consumption.
These innovations reduce the carbon footprint of each fleece, our brand's flagship product.


Fleeces that are more sustainable, but just as technical.

Whether they are made from recycled or solution-dyed polyester, our yarns naturally offer the same technical characteristics.
An excellent example is the MH520 hoodies, whose fibre has been increased from 200 to 300 g/m² for warmth while remaining lightweight.
A second component, stretch, has been added to recycled polyester, which provides resistance and breathability by facilitating the evacuation of perspiration, for greater freedom of movement.
This leaves the fleece component which traps air thanks to its texture, keeping your body warm.
To prove it, our Quechua fleeces undergo ever more rigorous tests in the laboratory and in the field to guarantee warmth, breathability, comfort and freedom of movement during your hikes or for any other use.


Accessible fleeces for all.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a budding young explorer, our aim is to accompany you on all your adventures, offering you fleeces that meet your specific needs, combining warmth, lightness and freedom of movement.
As a result, dozens of models are optimised in each collection.
In cool or cold, even very cold weather, with or without hood, with or without sleeves, in half a dozen colours each, for men, women, kids... there's bound to be a fleece to suit you in our many ranges.
Each product has its own specific features, its own innovations, its own technical features, its own level of warmth, its own design... so it's always in tune with the times.
And since Quechua's DNA is also to offer products to suit all budgets, you're bound to find something to suit you!


Less impact, more style.

As well as working to reduce the environmental impact of fleeces, our teams have also rethought the style of our different ranges.
So much as to revolutionise their image.
Once seen as purely functional garments, fleeces are now an integral part of our wardrobes, becoming one of the key pieces in our winter looks.
That's why our designers have come up with some truly revolutionary fleeces that are both practical and stylish.
A striking example of this more original aesthetic approach: the new Sherpa SH900 fleece, with its dual colour and dual components, combining comfort, warmth and modern design.

Quechua has definitely risen to the challenge of making fleeces more fashionable than ever, offering outdoor enthusiasts an ideal choice for combining style and performance to stay warm and fashionable at the same time.

As you can see, our team of advanced users, passionate about perfection and attention to detail, is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring you fleeces with cutting-edge performance, while preserving our commitment to the environment.
In the meantime, with these must-have fleeces ready to wrap you in softness and warmth, young and old alike can get ready for unforgettable experiences, because with a Quechua fleece, a world of adventure awaits just around the corner.

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