Sortie raquettes SH100 EASY Raquettes SH100 EASY Raquettes SH100 EASY Enfant *Easy = facile


With the Easy, snowshoeing is now really cool, funny and accessible to the whole family. You will appreciate to walk easily in snow without fighting with the tightening system, or even being disturbed by the rigidity of the frames.
And from now on, snowshoeing will be an essential activity for discovering the resources that the mountains have to offer us in winter, just like skiing, sledging, snowboarding or even cross-country skiing. And it's not going to stop here ...

After several years of development, our design team is really happy to introduce you this new innovative, clever and so easy to use equipment.

Marche avec raquettes SH100 EASY

Walking has never felt more natural

Raquette SH100 EASY gauche Raquette SH100 EASY droite
  • 16 mm crampon depth
  • 6 metal points
  • Tightening and size adjustment straps
  • EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) frame

Our Quechua design team set themselves a huge challenge. That of making snowshoeing accessible to all, by reworking from A to Z the design of the snowshoe to meet the main objective: to offer a flawless experience to the user. In this way, getting away from clichés by reinventing the guidelines.

Marche naturelle


The snowshoes are simply an extension of your feet, like fins attached to swimmers feet. Its EVA frame (Ethylene-vinyl acetate: material used for sports footwear soles) makes the snowshoes very flexible, light and silent. You will almost forget that you have them on your feet.

Bonne accroche


It is indeed the essential part of a snowshoe: its grip. Thanks to its 6 metal points and the crampons under the frame, as well as the frame’s composition, you’ll benefit from its very good traction and its good grip.

Facile à porter


Its tightening system, with 3 Velcro straps makes it very easy to put on and can be shared with others easily too. If you want to leave at the last minute, it’s possible as there’s no pre-adjustment necessary. Only 2 sizes to equip sizes from 36 to 48.
12 seconds at the very most to put on, and off you go!

Psst! Would you like to see what happened behind the scenes concerning the design of our Easy snowshoe? Follow me …

From design professionals … to professionals in the field

Bram Bram Product Manager
Matthieu Matthieu Product Engineer
Seb Seb Designer
Méric Méric Field Test Engineer
Jérome Jérome Laboratory Test Engineer
Hervé Hervé Medium-Altitude
Mountain Guide

A design based on observation
and validated by tests

Discover the different designs and testing steps before reaching the final version of the SH100 Easy.

Observation des utilisateurs sur le terrain
+10 days outdoors

Observation of users in the field

To observe users means to take into account the difficulties encountered during their outdoor experience. Describe what we see, note the improvements to anticipate or imagine in order to answer any possible problems. This is what we call design insights.

De nombreux workshop sur des thématiques précises
5 worskhops

Numerous workshops on specific themes

To find answers to the problems of bindings that are difficult to fit, a frame that’s too big, too heavy, adjustments that are too tedious. But also, to improve crampons etc ...

De longue heure à dessiner des lignes
About thirty sketches and drawings

A lot of hours drawing lines

Séb, our designer, sought to optimize the design. Define an innovative design, but with reassuring lines reminiscent of the authentic, traditional, wooden snowshoe frame. The objective: To obtain the best compromise between lift in the snow and the natural movement of the foot.

Du monstre aux protos
+ than 30 prototypes… we stopped counting them eventually!

From monsters to prototypes

We tried DIY solutions (monsters) to roughly test the technical solutions. Then, when we thought we had found the solution, we made 1, then 2, 3, 29 prototypes, then we tested them in real life, in the field …

Sur le terrain en co-validation avec nos AMM*
2000 km hiked before validation

In the field in co-validation with our medium-altitude mountain guides ...

Méric, our field engineer, organised a multitude of tests with a panel of testers from all backgrounds, to check the functionality of the prototypes in use. To support this: questionnaires and round-table discussions to remove doubts, correct and adjust the last issues. Our guides Hervé, Pierre and Laurent supported us from the initial brief to the final product by staying by our sides at each step of validation.

5 tailor-made tests

Customised laboratory tests

Our team developed a complete protocol of tailor-made tests. We had to make sure of the reliability of the snowshoe’s grip, the frame’s flexibility but also the tension of the tightening system and the robustness of the steel crampons.

And then we went on to the manufacturing step ...

Now you know everything there is to know about the SH100 Easy snowshoe, so go and have fun with your family!