The nights of the stars

This year will be the 30th edition of "The nights of the Stars" festival, sponsored by the French Astronomy Association. 
From August 6 to 8, 2021, you are invited to observe the sky, the Milky Way, the constellations but especially the shooting stars. 
With family, friends or alone, enjoy this outdoor show. 
Whether you are a novice or a great enthusiast, it is possible to marvel with your eyes wide open or with a telescope.


What actually is the nights of the stars?

Due to the absence of a moon and the summer period, these 3 days are particularly favourable for seeing a large number of shooting stars. 
They are in reality comet debris moving at the exceptional speed of 60 km/s. 
Upon encountering Earth's atmosphere, these meteors burn up to become shooting stars. 
To take advantage of an optimal observation window, it will be necessary to wait until approximately 11 p.m. for night to have completely fallen.
The objective of this event is to raise awareness of astronomy among the general public and to show that
this subject is accessible to all. 
For this reason, activities are planned throughout France: observations, workshops, conferences, etc.


A good excuse to go outdoors

Off for a hike to lie down in the middle of a meadow or on top of the mountains or by the coast.
Whatever the destination, “The Nights of the Stars” is a great reason to admire the starry sky from all corners of nature. 
the calm and the feeling of having escaped will be there. 
Prepare and take with you a drink / meal to eat at sunset, then you can lie down to enjoy the view. 
Simply contemplate. 
After taking a break, some will go back with their headlamps, others, perhaps more dreamy eyed, will fall asleep with the stars ...
The hardest part will be finding enough wishes for the whole night.

And with your tent!

Get back to basics and escape for a few days to recharge your batteries.
You (re) discover the pure air and the landscapes, you enjoy the great outdoors and you live a new experience in connection with nature. 
Seeing the last rays of sun you start to set up your tent, you regain your strength with a meal then you sneak into your sleeping bag to rest. 
The morning dew may surprise more than one, but you will find comfort in preparing breakfast. 
Early risers will benefit from the morning freshness. 
The water on the stove begins to boil, the coffee or tea is soon ready. 
Another day begins.
To accompany you in your adventures and your beginnings, all without breaking the bank, why not try our rental service? 
Choose your products and dates, use and test the products and finally return them to a relay point or in-store.
Nothing could be simpler, all you have to do is try.

The nights of the stars: from 6 to 8 August 2021 !


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