Which folding camping table to choose?

Which folding camping table to choose?

Are you going on holiday in the great outdoors this summer in a van or camping and you want to find the table around which you will spend fabulous moments with family and friends!

There are so many camping tables out there that we quickly get lost when looking for one!
So we have written this article to tell you about camping tables by size, height, functionality, etc. to help you find the table that will meet your needs and expectations.
Enjoy your reading, and happy camping adventures!

Which folding camping table to choose?
Which folding camping table to choose?

I’m looking for a large folding camping table for 6 to 8 people

If you are going on a week's camping trip with friends or if you have a large family, a table for 4 is not comfortable enough. Of course we have the folding camping table for you! Yes to picnics, as long as they are on a stable table and large enough to accommodate all the campers. You can treat your friends or family to homemade food even when camping, the ultimate luxury! And, of course, long game nights will be a blast around your large table.

I’m looking for a table with adjustable height

Do you want a table that adapts to your needs? Discover our tables with adjustable height!

Which folding camping table to choose?

Focus on the Teepee table, the clever folding camping table for 6 campers

A small revolution in the folding camping table market, the Teepee table is the first product in a range that aims to create smart, easy-to-assemble and practical camping furniture. This hexagonal-shaped table is designed to comfortably seat 6 guests. It has a tabletop that can be raised in the middle to free up space and a net to hold loose items (salt, pepper, phones, etc.). For game nights, simply lower the central tray. Finally, the legs let you adjust the height of the table top to suit the size of the campers or the camping chairs you already have. In short, this table is a clever little gem that provides incredible comfort for your camping trips.

Which folding camping table to choose?

I need a small table or a coffee table

To get back to home comforts even in a tent, we've designed folding coffee tables that are perfect for aperitifs or as a bedside table next to your mattress. Ideal for socialising or for putting down your book and camping lamp, these tables are super easy to assemble and hold a lot of items.

Which folding camping table to choose?

Where to find a folding camping table?

You can buy your folding camping table on decathlon.co.uk or in your Decathlon store. If you have any problems with your product, please let us know so that we can find a solution to your problem together.

Our camping coffee tables:

Bonus questions:

Which folding camping table to choose?
Which folding camping table to choose?

How to open a folding camping table?

Most of our folding table models unfold in the same way: Open the hooks that hold the different sides of the table. Take out the legs, unfold them and open the brackets. Then turn the table over. All you have to do is test the stability of the table before you sit down!

Bonus questions:

Is there a folding table including chairs in suitcase format?

We have a table for 4 to 6 people that folds up into a suitcase and holds 4 camping stools. Easy to transport and ultra-practical because it's all-in-one, it's perfect if you like to make your life easier.

Bonus questions:

What accessories should I add to my compact camping table?

There is often a lack of storage space or cupboards when camping. That's why we've come up with a simple accessory to create storage space under your picnic table. This net fits on all our tables and you can even leave it on when you fold the table away, just make sure you empty it first.

Completing my camping furniture

Have you found the perfect table for your camping holiday and want to be able to recreate a real kitchen in the tent? We have a whole range of camping furniture for you to equip yourself perfectly.

Do you sort your rubbish at home and it's inconceivable that you wouldn't do the same on holiday? We have developed, in co-creation with campers, a sorting bin with 3 compartments. Household waste, cardboard and glass can be sorted easily. Super compact when folded and very light, it’s easy to carry absolutely anywhere! You can carry it closed to the campsite bins.

We have developed several folding kitchen units to easily store your groceries and to have space to prepare meals. Some are designed to store your groceries, others are equipped with screens to protect your stoves and optimise your gas consumption when cooking. Super easy to fold up and clean, our kitchen furniture will make your holiday super comfortable!

Do you also want to be able to store your clothes and accessories just like at home? We've designed wardrobes for you that are easy to assemble and full of shelves. With external pockets and clever storage, you can organise yourself as you like, for maximum comfort even when camping.

I give myself a worktop or a dressing room when camping

Finally, we have also developed clever and easy-to-use accessories to make life even more comfortable. Lined blanket so you can eat on the grass even when the morning dew is still there, folding basin so that washing up is no longer a chore, small dynamo lamps so that you never have battery problems (if you are like me, you never have the right ones...). In short, going camping is a great adventure because you are well equipped!

Which folding camping table to choose?

I extend the life of my camping furniture through repair

Reducing the impact of our products on the environment is important to us. Our work focuses on the materials used in our products: recycled components, water-saving dyes, etc. And we also take into account the entire life cycle of the product. So we create camping products that are as durable as possible, and we work on repair solutions. So no more throwing away a chair with a worn out seat: you can buy just the damaged part. It's cheaper for you and better for the planet.

Chair backs, camping table tops, etc. Our range of spare parts is growing as your needs change.

Access to all camping furniture spare parts.

And if for any reason you no longer need your equipment, you can take part in the Trocathlons organised in Decathlon stores near you or have it valued on our site so that we can buy it back. The buy-back price is assessed either in-store by a seller or online. It applies to products less than 5 years old, and depends on the general condition of the product. The products collected are then refurbished by our experts and guaranteed for 2 years. You get rid of your cellar and you make people happy because these products are resold at low prices. A good deed for the planet, your wallet and other campers, what more could you ask for?

Which folding camping table to choose?

I am looking for a cheap folding camping table

At Quechua, we do our best to offer you the most suitable products for your needs, at the best price. That said, sometimes your budget is really limited. Don't hesitate to consult our refurbished products catalogue regularly. We give a second life to products that are no longer in use or that have not satisfied our users. They are looked after by the repairers in our workshops and then retested before being put back on sale. We hope to give them a second life and kit out athletes who can’t afford to buy a new product. You will also find products from other sports brands because, from our point of view, this action, which also benefits the planet, should be applied to all sports accessories. Each item is given a general assessment of its condition: good, very good, excellent etc. and a full description of its condition, to give you all the information you need to make your choice. What happens next? You can exchange your product if you aren’t satisfied or if you’ve changed your mind. After its time in our workshops, your second life product is guaranteed for 2 years!

You now have all the information you need to choose your folding camping table. Simple to use and user-friendly, it will become the rallying point for campers, from aperitifs to late-night chats.

Which folding camping table to choose?


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