Which solar shower should you choose for your trips?

How to choose your solar shower?

Are you going on an adventure for several days? Whether in a van or camping, Decathlon can help you find the right solar shower for an uncompromising getaway.

After a long hike, setting up your camp is the best way to recover from your activity. Washed out by your day, a shower can quickly become essential to your well-being for better quality sleep and real comfort on your next adventures.

As innovations in camping equipment have continued to increase in recent years, you now have a wide choice of ways to wash yourself anywhere, easily and, above all, with hot water.

However, it's not always easy to know how to choose the right solar shower for the best possible experience. That's why Decathlon has put together a detailed guide to help you find the solar shower that meets all your expectations every time you go camping.

Which solar shower should you choose for your trips?


Camping gives you a chance to reconnect with the unspoilt, wild countryside and disconnect from everyday life in the most beautiful way. With stages in a bivouac or an adventure in a van, you can enjoy a rejuvenating journey that nevertheless requires you to limit the weight and amount of equipment. Thanks to an ingenious and simple system, the solar shower lets you maintain your routine and your hygiene habits without overloading your belongings.

However, the model you choose has to suit your needs and abilities, depending on the activity you're doing and any constraints you may have. To find the perfect solar shower for your next trip, it's a good idea to take the time to compare the products available.

Which solar shower should you choose for your trips?


If solar shower models are black, it's not for style reasons. You may remember hearing that in summer you should wear white to keep the heat off? Well, that's because the darker the colour, the more it will absorb the sun's UV rays and transform them into heat. Black will absorb up to 90% of UV rays. In short, we haven't invented hot water, but we have found a simple and effective way for nature to heat our water. Smart isn't it?

However, the water temperature will drop as soon as the sun disappears. Wind can also slow down the heating time. The type of floor will also affect the heating time (whether it's grass, light or dark concrete, etc.).

To heat your water faster, you can lay your solar shower, deflated, on its side so that the maximum surface area takes in the sun's rays!

NB: coming back to the popular adage of wearing white in summer, you should be aware that light-coloured clothes don't absorb as much UV radiation, so they let it pass through and reach your skin. You won't be as hot, but your skin will be more exposed to UV rays.

↪ Our tip for vanlifers

To heat your water faster, put your shower behind your windscreen between midday and 6pm! If the sun is beating down very hard, you'll be able to heat up your water faster and enjoy it without waiting for hours. Be careful though, we've noticed that the water can quickly reach 70°C, so keep an eye on the temperature. As a reminder, the shower can withstand a maximum temperature of 50°C. Test the temperature carefully before using it all over your body.

Which solar shower should you choose for your trips?


At Quechua, it's easy, there's no question about it, because we only have 10 litre solar showers. We've found that this is the ideal size, guaranteeing a shower or two depending on your habits, while still being easy to transport.

However, you'll be able to find showers with larger capacities from our competitors.

Which solar shower should you choose for your trips?


There are two distinct models of solar showers on the market: shower bags and pressure showers. Each system has advantages for your comfort when camping or in a van, so it's up to you to choose a product that meets your personal taste and expectations.

While pressure models give you the pleasure of a traditional shower with a more powerful jet of water, shower bags take up a minimum of space in your equipment. Once again, your choice of solar shower should be adapted to your adventure, so that it can be used in the best possible conditions.

However, as a general rule, camping and vanlife enthusiasts turn to pressurised models.

Which solar shower should you choose for your trips?


The solar shower lets you take advantage of exposure to the sun to heat the water in your tank using daylight.This means you can enjoy a water temperature that's ideal for washing when on your hiking or camping trips. However, not all models have the same heating speed, so it's important to take the specifics of each into account when making your comparison.

Whatever your choice, you can also save precious time by filling your solar shower bag with water that's already warm or hot, as long as it doesn't exceed 50°C. Above this temperature, you risk damaging the material of your equipment and causing premature wear and tear.

When you're in too much of a hurry to leave your solar shower exposed to the sun's rays for long enough, a cold shower is a particularly good option. As well as being hygienic, it has a number of stimulating benefits for the body. What's more, during the summer months, this alternative will refresh you effectively. Whatever the season, your solar shower is the perfect accompaniment to your outdoor sporting activities.

Choosing the right sleeping bag for hiking or bivouacking


Whether empty or full, it's essential not to overlook the weight of your equipment when deciding how to choose the right solar shower. With a shower bag, you can be sure of being able to fold your equipment into a particularly compact format that's easy to slip into your backpack or suitcase.


Choosing a solar shower also means paying attention to the practical details of each model. To make sure your shower is simple and pleasant to use every day, it's important to check the features of your portable shower. In particular, you'll want a supply hose that's long enough for quick filling on all tap models, or a lever to activate the water jet in a single movement.

Some solar showers also have a shower head to distribute the water more evenly over your body. This gives you the more traditional comfort of your bathroom without having to buy an extra accessory. You can also opt for a model with a side pocket for your shower gel or solid soap.You'll then have all your hygiene essentials in one place, for a simplified and unique experience in the great outdoors.

Finally, you'll find innovative models that let you adjust the temperature of the water in the tank. You can adjust the temperature precisely for a shower that meets all your expectations and gives you an incomparable moment of relaxation and well-being after activity.

Which solar shower should you choose for your trips?
Which solar shower should you choose for your trips?


With the pressure model, as long as the floor is more or less flat so you can easily pump and pressurise the water, you can shower anywhere! It's ideal for showering under a jet of water with decent pressure, even in the middle of nowhere.

For solar showers in the form of bags, you'll need to find somewhere to attach it that's higher than your head. In fact, these "gravity" showers will only have pressure because the end of the hose is lower than the shower. Gravity will do the rest. You may have to search a little before you find a branch strong enough (remember, 1 litre of water = 1 kilo), or any other high element, to attach your shower.

Which solar shower should you choose for your trips?

Practical accessories for your solar shower

Depending on your travel and roadtrip, certain accessories can be added to your solar shower for even more practical use of your equipment.

- A 2sec shower cubicle: With installation in just a few seconds, the shower cubicle designed by our Decathlon teams quickly creates a space out of sight to set up your camping shower. You can then enjoy this pleasant break with complete peace of mind, wherever you are. Once folded flat, this 2sec shower cubicle will fit neatly inside your van or motorhome.

- A foldable basin : To help your youngest children or to simply rinse your feet, Decathlon finally offers you a foldable basin. Ultra-compact when stored, you can take it out at any time to accompany your solar shower and recover the water for other use, including environmentally-friendly management of your motorhome's sanitary facilities. All that's left for you to do is take a trip to discover new horizons and enjoy the benefits of your solar shower at any time!

- A showerhead with a "shower-stop": To easily stop the water supply and avoid wasting water, add a shower head to your shower hose if it doesn't already have one. At Quechua, our shower head is also available as a spare part, so you can repair your shower if necessary and extend its life cycle.
But, as you'll have realised, there's no need for a mixer tap! There's no hot or cold water to mix (unlike at home). Only the water in the shower will be heated to a certain temperature.

Now you know more about choosing the best solar shower for your next adventure in the great outdoors! And if your spot is ever a little busier than usual, don't forget to take the shower cubicle in your van or car, ready in 2 seconds, for a shower in total peace of mind. And if you're still on the fence about buying a solar shower, you should know that it could also come in handy for washing your camping gear or doing the dishes! And if you ever have a water outage at home (although we wouldn't wish it on you, of course), you'll be delighted to have this camping shower to hand!

Which solar shower should you choose for your trips?


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