With family, friends or as a couple: hiking is for everyone!

With family, friends or as a couple: hiking is for everyone!

Hiking is an opportunity to share memorable moments with family, partner or friends. For a successful trip, you must adapt your hiking plans to those you’re with: what a child wants isn’t the same as what a group of friends would be looking for. Follow our tips and suggestions for places to go for an unforgettable experience, with your children, your other half or your group of friends!

> Take your family hiking in parc de merlet (france)

Walking to take in the scenery unlikely to thrill your children? Show them hiking can be fun. In this respect, wildlife parks are an ideal playground!

Parc de Merlet, located not far from Chamonix, is the perfect place to introduce your children to hiking. During a trip of just two hours, in an outstanding setting, your children will have plenty of fun. More than 80 species of animals moving around freely in this wildlife park, open from May to late September, offer a great way to spend a pleasant day out with your family!

Chamois, marmots, llamas, deer ... Your children can have fun guessing which animal will appear before their eyes next along the way. Your little one won’t leave its pushchair? Don’t panic, this flat trail is easy to negotiate. Among the activities on offer, "meeting the marmots" is sure to delight your children, whatever their age. It’s also an opportunity for a "sun screen-snack-drink" stop!

At every step of the way, your children will discover a themed activity: animals, predators, the seasons... Having fun as you walk is what it’s all about! Divided up in this way, the route ensures your little treasures finish their walk with a smile on their faces.

> Walking for two in the cinque terre (italy)

The winning combination to transform a lovers’ hike into an unforgettable, romantic memory? Breathtaking landscapes, a beautiful sunset, a quiet place to pitch your tent, a gourmet picnic... Tempting, isn’t it? As regards the logistics to make this idyllic picture truly perfect, take everything you need for a night under the stars. And of course, to help remember this shared experience in the mountains, don’t forget to take pictures!

With its five villages nestled in the hollow of the Mediterranean cliffs, the nature park of Italy’s Cinque Terre is an ideal hiking location for lovers. Although Via dell'Amore (literally road of love!) isn’t fully accessible due to repair work, there’s plenty to do! Sentiero no. 1, for example, is one of the most famous trails. It connects Portovenere to Levanto, a walk of about 40 km. With no major difficulties and little height gain, this route offers an exceptional panorama of the nature park and its colourful houses. Why not sleep under the stars to make the most of the scenery?

Choose September to hike in the Cinque Terre: there are fewer tourists, and you’ll feel (almost) alone in the world!

> Organise a trek with friends to discover the natural wonders of the tyrol (austria)

Ah, holidays with friends... Do you dream of a good laugh, immersing yourself in nature and evenings shared with friends? Imagine the scene: a week’s trek where each stage ends with a nice dinner in a mountain hut, bringing back childhood memories, carrying a tune or caught up in an exciting card game!

If you can’t think where to go, we suggest a trip to Austria, especially the Tyrol region, ideal for hiking. To see all its wonders, you can take the Lech route. Doable in 6 to 8 days depending on your pace, this long-distance hiking trail is divided into 15 stages. The vast majority of them are easy, and only two or three are moderately difficult, and never exceed 5 hours’ walking. As for accommodation, this route is lined with hostels and welcoming mountain huts.

For those who want to push themselves and for the more adventurous, cross the Holzgau Suspension Bridge. At 110m high and 200m long, it’s the longest and highest bridge in Austria. Thrills guaranteed!

A successful hike with family, your other half or with friends doesn’t require a lot: just good humour, simple ideas and, of course, the right equipment!

Getting ready for your hike: our advice before departure

Getting ready for your hike: our advice before departure

No matter what the season, it is very important to prepare your hike properly: your equipment and route. It is even more essential if you wish to go during a season when weather is changeable. Even if it is a day or half-day hike, good preparation is necessary: weather forecast, choice of the route and equipment.

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Spring is coming! Are you ready to go hiking again?

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