5 reasons to begin hiking-yoga - title

5 Reasons to begin hiking-yoga

Do you like both hiking and yoga?

Why not do them both together so that you can free your mind in a natural environment and reconnect with nature?

Take advantage of the beautiful landscapes that surround you to hike, recharge your batteries and find inner peace with yoga. Would you like to begin but don't know how to get started? Are you wondering what the benefits of this activity are? Follow us and discover 5 reasons to begin hiking yoga whatever your level.

1/ Take advantage of natural spaces

We do not always realize that real beauty resides a few steps from where we live, it is enough to move away from our constantly accelerating society and find the tranquillity of nature in order to be totally aware of our environment.

Did you know that 68% of the French population prefer to stay connected to the Internet and stay attached to their screens during their free time?
While only 35% of the French population take advantage of nature for hiking.*

Whether in the mountains, by the sea or even in a park, we all need a deep anchorage to refocus on the essentials. So let's take advantage of the environment around us for our physical activities and without moderation!

*Source: sportsdenature.gouv.fr


One last tip: Don't forget a backpack with a swimsuit and sunglasses if you're going out by the sea or near a lake.

5 reasons to begin hiking-yoga

2/ Open your chakras:hiking, yoga, meditation

Wondering why you should start doing yoga?

Here are a few reasons:

• Following a series of various postures, you tone and strengthen your muscles 

• You will also have healthier joints,

• You will experience reduced stress and benefit from better digestion.

The other known benefits of yoga are: 

• The development of concentration.

• Improving the balance and posture of our movements during the day.

• Relaxation of many parts of the body such as the knees, ankles, back, neck and shoulders.

5 reasons to begin hiking-yoga

3/ Combine hiking and yoga in the middle of nature

The calm environment, the fresh air that caresses your face, the smells and the noises that stimulate your senses, can you manage to perceive this feeling of relaxation that soothes your tensions and dispels your daily worries?

You wonder why hiking and yoga? What if we told you that the mix of these two physical activities will help you find harmony between your mind and body and develop endurance?

Before starting a yoga session, decompress by walking to observe the natural environment around you.Walking will allow you to begin to reduce your stress and focus on your breathing. The yoga moment that will follow will allow you to enjoy total disconnection!

Close your eyes and think of the perfect place to do hiking-yoga!You're already there!

Forget all the negative elements, concentrate only on the positive elements and on those that provide you happiness.Find true freedom!

4/ Nothing complicated! start with really simple postures.

There are very easy postures you can start with: the tree, the lotus, the warrior postures.

Do these names scare you?No panic, these postures are very accessible. Adapt them to your level. We tell you everything you need to know to get you started!

woman yoga in front of the sea

The tree posture:stand up like a tree and sink your roots!

This posture consists of standing balanced on one foot. This allows you to work on your balance and improve your concentration. The parts of the body used are the thighs, calves and ankles.

yoga position quechua

The lotus posture:sit down and open your mind!

Get comfortable on your mat, cross your legs, right foot on the left thigh and left foot on the right thigh, put your back in a straight position and position your hands as shown opposite. This posture allows you to calm your nerves and your mind to awaken the energy within you.

man doing yoga in front of the sea

The warrior posture:stand up and reveal the fighter inside you!

The warrior posture is accessible to anyone new to yoga. Stand firmly on to the ground standing straight and focus your gaze. Stretch your legs and bust while stretching towards the horizon.

Find the feeling of strength and stability, stimulate your digestion and relieve sciatica pain.

5 reasons to begin hiking-yoga quechua

Do it wherever you want!

No need to go to the other side of the world to do hiking-yoga! A park in town, next to a lake... All places are good for recharging your batteries.

It's exactly the same for the time. Whether it's before your breakfast, during your free time, during your picnic outing, it's possible to do it whenever you want.

5 reasons to begin hiking-yoga quechua

What do i need?

Easy! Dress in suitable and comfortable clothing for physical activity and purchase a yoga mat.

If you're looking for the perfect outfit, check out our collection:comfortable clothes and outdoor accessories, for taking take time for yourself in the city and in the countryside.

5 reasons to go yoga-hiking


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