hiking mountain nature snow christmas gift idea

7 Hiking and camping gift ideas

Give a treat to those who love nature, the mountains and the outdoors!

Some hiking-related gifts for Christmas!
Whether they are eco-designed, staples, trendy or at a low price, Quechua delivers its
best gift ideas to treat your children, parents, family and
even your colleagues, for a successful Christmas!

fleece warmth breathability hiking

Responsible gifts

The fleece offers a very good compromise between warmth and breathability.
This lightweight product is great for all those who love the outdoors and country trails!

Product highlight? The MH500 model is eco-designed using recycled polyester yarn

Who's it for? Those who like to get to the summits, whatever the season

How much? From $10

snowshoe snow family gift idea

Take up the invitation to get out into the wide-open spaces with this MH100 tent that is simple and easy to pitch!

Product highlight? We use two-tone dye on the entire outer lining of this tent to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20%.
This tent can be repaired when it gets damaged, so that it can have a second life.

Who's it for? For young and old in search of adventure

How much?   $59.99

snowshoe snow family gift idea

Essential gifts

The lightweight and breathable rain hiking jackets: classics that are always fun!

Who's it for? Mountain and nature lovers

How much?  from $9.99

Hiking backpack quechua

Trendy gifts

To get a head start, treat yourself to this pretty hiking backpack, perfect for adventures!

Who's it for? Those who like to hike and get some adventure

How much? from $5.99

hammock nature gift friends camping

The perfect gift for hikers and campers who like to rest surrounded by nature! Because a hike without a nap is not a real hike ;)

Product highlight? It is lightweight and practical and will go everywhere, even under the Christmas tree

Who's it for? Those who need some relaxation after a long walk

How much? from $10.00 depending on the model chosen

insulated bottle camping hiking

Low price gifts

A gift for a small price?
This isothermal bottle effectively keeps water hot or cold, regardless of the outside temperature.

Product highlight? No more plastic bottles for zero waste enthusiasts!

Who's it for? Those who like to drink their tea or hot coffee during winter hikes

How much? From $3,99

hiking snow shoe grips

It's the original, practical and useful gift! You are sure to please all those who love hiking over snow-covered trails safely, without slipping.

Product highlight? They are available for all sizes, from 3 to 12½!

Who's it for? Your colleague who goes to celebrate Christmas in the mountains

How much? From $14.99

gift card decathlon

Gift card

And for those who prefer to choose, the DECATHLON card is a way of giving a sports-related present without getting the wrong thing. The right look, the right size, the right model, etc. You're sure to please!

Product highlight? In a few clicks, on our website, you can personalise the card with a photo of your choice

Who's it for? Everybody!

How much? Any amount from 10 to 250$

We hope this list will give you lots of ideas for Christmas!

We wish you a very happy festive season!

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