7 Hiking and camping gift ideas

Give a treat to those who love nature, mountains and the outdoors! 
Here are some gift ideas for hikers and campers alike!

hiking mountain nature snow christmas gift idea

Some hiking-related gifts for Christmas!
Eco-designed, essential, trendy, or at a low price, Quechua offers the best gift ideas to treat your children, parents, family and even your colleagues, for a perfect Christmas!

Responsible gifts

Quechua is committed to eco-designing all its ranges by 2026, here are already 194 more respectful products with the Ecodesign " label". Let's have a look at our favourites!
Who's it for? Those who like to get to the summits, whatever the season!


Our eco-designed favourite?

A nice invitation to take a bath in the open air with our 2-second EASY tent for 2 people. It is simple and easy both to assemble and disassemble!

Product highlight? We use two-tone dye on the entire outer lining of this tent to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20%. This tent can be repaired when it gets damaged, so that it can have a second life.

Who's it for? For young and old in search of adventure

An extra bonus? It has Fresh & Black technology which keeps you cool during the summer and in the dark all year round!

Essential gifts

To be sure to please, think about the classics! 
Choose between the MH500 waterproof hiking jackets to wear everywhere and in all weather conditions or among the variety of backpacks the one adapted to the sport (whether for walking, a day hike or to go off on an adventure)!

Who's it for? For mountain and great outdoor lovers!

Trendy gifts

Still looking for the original gift and the one that reflects the trends? Here's our little selection!


Our favourite? 

To make all trails and terrain accessible to you, choose snowshoes! 
Just as fun as useful!

Who's it for? To make all trails and terrain accessible to you, choose snowshoes!

Low price gifts

Ideas for little budgets? Make those around you happy without breaking your piggy bank!

Gift card

And for those who prefer to choose, the DECATHLON card is a way of giving a sports-related present without getting the wrong thing. The good look, the good size, the good model...

The +? In a few clicks, on decathlon.fr, you can personalize the card with a photo of your choice.

Who's it for? Everyone!

The Cost? From 10 to 250 €


Even more gift ideas

Check some ideas in the " Holiday Gift Guide " ! 

We hope this list will give you lots of ideas for Christmas!
We wish you a very Merry Christmas!