Air seconds, the inflated offer

Air seconds, the inflated offer

Tents supported by inflatable tubes that offer generous volumes which can be pitched/struck very quickly so that you can enjoy your camping.

What if we offered you a house that can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes?
A dream solution for camping developed in the wake of the success of the 2 Seconds tent, with much larger spaces, and a living room and bedrooms.
Because comfort is also about having more space.
The inflatable tube system is ultra fast, creates generously-sized spaces and plenty of headroom for family camping, while also being very easy to disassemble.
The dream of a magical house.

Air seconds, the inflated offer

Following its arrival in store in 2013, 8 years after the original 2 Seconds, the Air Seconds technology is fulfilling a new need, i.e. larger volumes, assembled and disassembled in a few minutes. This tent is the successor to a technology created by the innovation cell, which was set up after the success of the 2seconds at Quechua, in order to invent the campsite of the future.

This innovation was literally born in a garage, driven by the need to replace the traditional fibreglass or metal poles. The teams got their hands dirty before reconnecting with the product managers and giving birth to a new series called the Air Seconds, i.e. the inflatable tent!

The major benefit is how quick the tent is to pitch and strike thereby removing one of the main obstacles to camping (especially for large volume tents) which is the key lesson learnt from the original 2 Seconds. This is because, for these 4-person "family" tents, with plenty of headroom, a living room and some bedrooms, the pitching time is clearly a factor of anxiety, or arguments even. With the Air Seconds, all you have to do is drive a few tent pegs into the ground, take out the pump with its pressure gauge and inflate each tube one by one (3 to 4 tubes depending on the volume).

The second big benefit of the Air Seconds tent is that we can create new architectures which are much more comfortable than what existed before. Indeed, the system of inflatable tubes overcomes many obstacles and increases the headroom and width, producing tents that are more suited to their use. In short, large volumes made easy!

Air seconds, the inflated offer

Started under the name "My Second Home", the Air Seconds tent project was initially designed to be a series with episodes. The objective is to create a bedroom with a living room, and to be able to connect modules at will, for a growing family or to invite friends over. We replicate the home, with expandable and welcoming features.
The series continued with the addition of "Fresh&Black" offers in 2016, which would become standard across the entire range, with strategic ventilation for extra comfort.

The future, as with many projects at Quechua, involves eco-design and sustainability. There are already Air Seconds tents made of polycotton, for improved durability and comfort, with a built-in plaid that is like a carpet inside. We have also replaced the zips of the interior "doors" with a system of magnets, so that you can more easily get in and out without making any noise, e.g. to go to the toilet at night.

More than 30% of the teams' working time is dedicated to innovation. This is how we can keep making improvements to the product, so that it remains comfortable and inflated!

The goal is to build a complete home in a few minutes, not 1/2 hour, and that you can live in for 3 weeks.

Air seconds, the inflated offer


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