Truly amazing patented technologies

Fresh & black : truly amazing patented technologies

Three technologies developed in our laboratories and in the field to experience tent life even more comfortably.

In the wake of the success of the 2 Seconds tent in 2005, a real task force dedicated to innovation was put together at Quechua, which would later be integrated into the various project groups. Starting with ideas to improve the camping of the future, they create patented technologies and innovative products, which will be distributed across the different ranges. Thanks to these innovations of components or technologies, our entire ecosystem comes together with enthusiasm to foster the idea of having new ideas.

Fresh&black: black, fresh black

Fresh&Black is not air conditioning, but it is a serious contender because we are able to reduce the temperature in our tents using mechanical means. And we also know how to prevent the temperature from rising. This patented technology uses several layers of a variety of materials in the flysheet of our tents, which only allows a very small amount of light to enter the tent. It remains very dark inside the tent, especially in the morning, and it heats up less quickly than a conventional tent, which is one of the major problems of summer camping.

Our component engineers and the thermal comfort team from our Sportslab laboratory came together to develop a new material. Fresh&Black is a mix that works in three ways to slow down the propagation and transmission of heat: by reflection (the sun's heat hits the material and rebounds), by absorption (the material absorbs the heat and warms up), and by transmission (the heat passes through material). The combination of these three components makes the tent more comfortable during the day.

To remedy this, the fabric used for the Fresh&Black is a coated fabric composed of 4 different components, each one of which contributes its properties to the whole. The resulting fabric works a bit like a car sun shade, adapted for a tent tarp (with much more technical features!)
- a first white layer reflects as much heat as possible;
- a second layer, made of titanium dioxide, effectively blocks UV rays;
- a third "carbon black" layer acts by absorbing the residual heat;
- and finally a fourth aluminium layer insulates the interior of the tent and prevents the heat stored further out from continuing its journey inside.

Truly amazing patented technologies

Thanks to this patented composition, the component benefits from the corresponding thermal properties. This is used in combination with vents and strategically placed mesh to achieve the Fresh&Black effect. Indeed, this technology was based on the Fresh tents, which had worked on improvements in air flow by studying the location of the openings. This involved simulations in our thermal comfort laboratory and tests in certification centres for cars that have the space needed to test tents, and issue certifications equivalent to those of the automotive industry.

We then combine our experience in the field (camper perceptions recorded by field test engineers), computer calculations (with temperature sensors inside the tents in different configurations), and "common sense" design rules, such as the fact that hot air rises (that's why we put the ventilation towards the bottom to let cold air in, and an extraction system at the top for air flow).

By making the component opaque (the "Black" effect of our in-house component), the level of comfort is improved and it is even cooler inside. That's the magic of the Decathlon Fresh&Black tent.

"I experienced the Fresh&Black in store, I did tests with my own sensors to demonstrate to the customers that it worked" Joaquin, tent tester

Quechua - Our concept of innovation

Quechua - Our concept of innovation

Innovation, research and development is Quechua's DNA, where most of our investments are concentrated.
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Fast hiking: the innovations laboratory

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