Glamping vs. camping: what is what and where is the difference?

Glamping - camping, only better!

You like to be in nature, love to sleep outdoors or in the fresh air, but don't really fancy a camping holiday with tents you've brought yourself that you first have to painstakingly pitch? Then glamping is definitely the right thing for you. But what is glamping anyway?

What is glamping?

The term glamping is made up of the two words "glamorous" and "camping". For some time now, the concept has enjoyed increasing popularity among travel enthusiasts. It combines the closeness to nature and cosiness of camping with the luxury that you would expect from an upscale hotel. Unlike regular camping, you don't bring your own tent or stay in a caravan or motorhome, but in luxury rental accommodation. All places where you can glamp have a comfortable bed, a private bathroom and often high-quality designer furniture. So with glamping, you don't have to sacrifice comfort and luxury or closeness to nature and freedom, but can easily combine the two.

What is a glamping holiday?

Glamping is about combining the best of camping and a hotel holiday. It's great for a family holiday with children, where the little ones can let off steam and the adults can relax. But it is also just right for romantic days for two under clear starry skies. But anyone who reads luxury and comfort initially thinks that glamping must be a rather expensive holiday. But it is not like that at all.  Because choosing the type and size of living space, the place where you can glamp, opens up the possibility for everyone to find their own glamping paradise. So this glamorous way of camping has something to offer for every age, interest and budget.

Glamping is possible in many countries

Where can you go glamping?

There are now countless places and resorts that offer glamping. Whether in Germany, in Europe or on a completely different continent, we have picked out the most beautiful accommodations and the top glamping countries for you.

Glamping accommodation

Tree houses: Turn your next trip into something really special with overnight stays in lofty heights. Glamping in a tree house is an unforgettable experience for the whole family or for you and your partner.
Lodge tents: The advantage of lodge tents is that they are fully equipped camping tents, so you don't have to worry about bedding, crockery or anything else. They offer you all the luxuries you need to have a relaxing holiday with your family, friends or partner,
Pods: Pods are similar to an elongated wooden tent, often with a large window front that offers an incredibly beautiful view of nature.
Mobile homes:
The term comes from the English "mobile home" and explains it at the same time: a transportable living unit that resembles a small bungalow. The accommodations are furnished like small houses with a kitchenette, a bedroom and a bathroom.
Sleeping barrels: Adventurous, cosy, the smell of wood - that's what sleeping barrels offer you. These original shelters are often located near lakes or forests.

Glamping - camping, only better!

Glamping countries

Vacations don't always have to be in foreign, faraway countries. Europe and especially Germany are ideal for camping in a luxurious way. So you can save a long journey to enjoy a time out with a certain extra in the middle of nature. If you still want to go beyond the German borders, go glamping in Italy, Croatia or France. Other countries and continents also offer you beautiful places to enjoy your vacation.

Italy: The land of rolling hills, beautiful lakes, historic cities and sunny beaches. Italy is perfect for your next glamping experience.
Croatia: Croatia is already considered a very popular destination. Picturesque beaches and sea, beautiful national parks with beautiful lakes and waterfalls. In the town of Medulin, you can enjoy the beauty of the country at the best glamping sites.
France: enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, the many castles with wonderful stories, because France offers all glampers what the heart desires.
Thailand: Stay in the middle of the Thai rainforest or in tents and huts on the beach and enjoy the idyll.
India: Would you like to spend the night in the desert and watch the stars without the bright lights of the big city? Then make this experience in India.
USA and Canada: USA - the land of unlimited possibilities. The country of origin of glamping. The USA and Canada offer you a wide range of activities all over the country.

What is glamping - camping and hotel vacation combined

What is a glamper?

A glamper is, as the name suggests, a glamorous camper. A peace seeker, an adventure seeker or simply a traveler who combines the best of a camping and a hotel vacation. Become a glamper too and look around to make your dream of an unforgettable, beautiful vacation come true.

What do you need for glamping?

You can simply leave your camping equipment at home. You don't need a tent, sleeping bag, air mattresses or other furniture that you have to laboriously set up or lug around. The only thing that should not be missing on your glamping vacation are the things that you would pack for a normal hotel vacation. So always remember to bring enough sunscreen, a first aid kit and bug spray. And for your outdoor activities during your glamping adventure, we also have the right hiking clothing and water sports products in our range. At Decathlon you'll find everything you need for your next adventure.

Glamping - camping, only better!

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