choose a women's padded jacket

Which women's padded jacket should I choose?

Hiking is a great way to discover different landscapes and climates. So, when you choose your outfit, you need to take into account the conditions in which you'll be hiking, particularly in terms of outside temperatures.


When you go for winter walks or routes at altitude, you may be faced with low temperatures, in which case it will be essential to equip yourself with certain essentials, such as a women's padded jacket. Composition, shape, practicality... Find out all you need to know about women's padded jackets for hiking in excellent conditions.

How to choose a women's padded jacket

Women's padded jacket: your hiking/trekking ally

As you know, choosing the right hiking clothing is essential, especially when you're embarking on an excursion lasting several hours. The padded jacket is all too often forgotten but is very useful item, and one that is sure to find its place among your essential outfits for your next outing.

First of all, it provides an excellent source of heat, which is another benefit if you are going on a winter hike. With its special composition, the women's padded jacket will keep your body warm, so you don't feel the unpleasant or even dangerous cold.

At the same time, the padded jacket will prove extremely practical for outdoor activities, thanks in particular to its compactness. It's a compressible garment, so it fits easily into your hiking rucksack. So, if you're not wearing it, it's easy to put away and won't take up too much space.

Women's padded jackets also offer many advantages when it comes to sporting activities such as hiking. The range is adaptable to all situations thanks to models with varying technical characteristics, both in terms of composition and cut. You'll find padded jackets with or without sleeves, with or without hoods, in natural or synthetic down, and many more options. That way, you're guaranteed to find a model that's tailor-made for you.

How to choose a women's padded jacket

Which women's padded jacket should I choose: choice criteria

As you can see, women's padded jackets offer many advantages for hiking. However, you will need to pay attention to a few very specific features to find a model that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Thermal performance is one of the top priorities when choosing your women's padded jacket. Its main aim is to give you a real feeling of warmth so you are effectively insulated from the low temperatures of winter. You will see that the type of composition affects the thermal insulation of the padded jacket, with natural down models being more effective.

If you're particularly sensitive to the cold, this is the composition for you. On the other hand, if you're not afraid of the cold or are looking for a mid-season padded jacket, synthetic is just the thing. This is a personal preference, based on your own feelings.


The body produces sweat during sporting activity, whether it is intense or not. It's worth noting that this doesn't just apply to summer, and that the cold seasons won't stop you from sweating, even during outdoor activities. It's essential to wear breathable clothing, including your padded jacket, to wick away the moisture they cause.

A women's padded jacket with excellent breathability will keep you dry throughout your adventure, without sacrificing your jacket's ability to keep you warm.

Water-repellent and waterproof
Contrary to what you might think, most padded jackets are not waterproof. Not all models will be able to protect you from the rain, so you need to pay particular attention to this feature. Most women's padded jackets are water-repellent to protect you from light rain and showers. On the other hand, if you're trekking in a region with a high risk of thunderstorms and showers, make sure that the model you choose is completely waterproof.

We'll see later that, in most cases, your padded jacket will be worn under a waterproof jacket. So it's not always necessary to give priority to this criterion when choosing.

How to choose a women's padded jacket

Women's padded jacket: an integral part of the three-layer system

When you go hiking, you are exposed to different climate areas. If you want to enjoy optimum comfort in all circumstances, it's essential to choose the right clothing. To do this, we apply the famous "three-layer system" for when you are out and about.

The three-layer system is designed to keep you warm in all circumstances, while allowing perspiration to escape properly so you stay dry.

The layer closest to the body is designed to give you a feeling of permanent warmth. Merino or synthetic wool is most often recommended for excellent breathability.

The second layer is ideally a padded jacket. Lightweight and space-saving, it provides optimum warmth while efficiently wicking away sweat.

This second layer is usually followed by a third which is designed to protect you from the elements. It will usually have a waterproof membrane, so you can hike in the rain. When you opt for the three-layer system, your women's padded jacket may be sleeveless, and not necessarily waterproof or water-repellent.

Women's padded jacket

Which women's padded jacket should I choose: down or synthetic?

When it comes to choosing a women's padded jacket for a hike or trek, it's essential to consider how it's made. As mentioned above, your padded jacket can be made from synthetic material or natural down. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we outline below.

Natural down
Preferred by those who love the cold, natural down provides excellent thermal insulation. Whether it's goose or duck down, you'll enjoy a real feeling of warmth, ideal for winter walks. Natural down also has excellent loft, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear for hours on end. Although more expensive, women's padded jackets are durable, so they'll be with you on every adventure.

The disadvantage of natural down is that it takes a long time to dry and needs to be treated carefully to avoid damaging it. It is also sensitive to humidity, and its thermal performance will be reduced when your padded jacket gets wet.

Unlike natural down, synthetic padded jackets are moisture-resistant and easy to care for. It dries particularly quickly, so can be worn again a few hours after cleaning. And although it is slightly cooler, synthetic still promises a decent source of warmth.


Which women's padded jacket should I choose: the shape

Padded jackets come in many forms, depending on your preferences and the season. You'll find them with or without hoods, or with or without sleeves.

  • women’s padded gilet

    With or without sleeves

    Women's sleeveless padded jackets are increasingly popular and ideal for mid-season. It will give you a good feeling of warmth around your chest, while freeing up your arms. For practical versatility, some models come with removable sleeves that can be added when the weather turns cooler. For winter outings, the coldest among you will tend to opt for a padded jacket with long sleeves. With or without sleeves, it will fit comfortably under a waterproof jacket.

  • How to choose a women's padded jacket?

    With or without hood

    Like the sleeves, the hood is also an option on your women's padded jacket. You can opt for a model with a hood, without a hood, or with a removable one. This has the advantage of keeping your neck and head warm, a pleasant feeling when the outside temperatures are particularly low and the wind is blowing.

How to choose a women's padded jacket

How to look after a women's padded jacket

It's essential to ask yourself which women's padded jacket to choose. However, you also need to think about how to care for your jacket, to ensure that it can keep up with you on all your expeditions around the world. Here's our advice on how to clean your padded jacket in accordance with its composition to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Natural down padded jacket
As mentioned above, the disadvantage of natural down is that it is difficult to maintain. In fact, we recommend that you do not machine-wash a natural down padded jacket, but hand-wash it instead. To dry, leave your padded jacket outside for two to three days.

Synthetic padded jacket
Most synthetic padded jackets are more practical to wash as they can simply be put in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Your down jacket will gradually return to its original shape if you put it on a gentle spin.

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