100% Anti-uv glasses, essential protection!

The main function of sunglasses is to protect you from UV rays. The 100% UV protection treatment is therefore essential, for walkers and serious athletes alike!

Because the sun, which is really nice when walking, can also become your enemy if you’re not properly protected.

Your hiking glasses must block out UV, the sun's harmful rays.


Essential for hiking: wrap-around frames and polycarbonate lenses

The most suitable glasses for outdoor sports are polycarbonate lenses. Lightweight and impact-resistant, this latest-generation material is the best option for hiking glasses.

Go for glasses with a wrap-around frame: their enveloping shape protects your eyes even on the sides.

Combined with their wide arms, the wrap-around frame prevents the maximum amount of the sun’s rays from passing through the sides of the glasses.

Another advantage: the wrap-around frame also protects you from insects, splashing, as well as against branches and brambles on certain particularly narrow paths.

How to choose your sunglasses?

Hiking sunglasses designed for action!

A perfect fit is THE feature of sunglasses frames to go for, especially for regular hikers.

Your hiking sunglasses should not move when climbing, jumping or dealing with obstacles.

For perfect hold, choose glasses with rubber-tipped arms.


Hiking lenses: a primary choice

There are four categories of lenses for hiking sunglasses. The intensity of each shade corresponds to particular weather conditions.

Sunglasses adapted to hiking:

- category 3: glasses equipped with category 3 lenses are designed not to dazzle on days when the sun is strong. This protection is ideal for summer and for open country walks (high mountains, ridge trails, etc.).

- category 4: glasses equipped with these lenses are used for extreme sunshine, eg: glacier or snowshoe walking. These high-protection glasses filter out 92 to 97% of the brightness to minimise glare. The glass is very dark.

Less common glasses for hiking:

- category 1: category 1 lenses are very lightly tinted, for use in grey weather, low sun or a dark environment (forest, for example).

- category 2: category 2 lenses are perfect for mixed weather with alternating sun and cloud. In middle or high mountains where sunshine is often stronger, these glasses protect you less from glare than category 3 lenses.

Polarising lenses for use against reflections

How can you avoid being dazzled when sunlight is reflected off a stony path or the snow? Go for sunglasses with polarising lenses!

The principle is simple, a "barrier" of microscopic crystals prevents the reflected light from penetrating inside the eye. This type of lens offers a good perception of perspectives, increased visibility of the relief and better definition of contrasts.

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