Quechua: Our jobs

Quechua: our jobs

Discover the diversity of our professions, from design to marketing!

Project manager

" Product managers identify and prioritise the needs of users, trying to meet their dreams and minimise their inconvenience. Then with a design team, they develop, validate and monitor the marketing and life of their products." -  Fabien

Quechua: Our jobs


" We question the uses, the aesthetic codes, the (manufacturing) processes to give life to the experience, to the companion you dreamed of (perhaps secretly) in their functional, emotional and environmental aspects." Anne-Sophie

Product engineer 

Role: to act as the conductor of a product’s development. Product engineers are the guarantors of the cost, quality, time and environmental impact of a finished product, from its idea to its launch on the market.

"What I love about the job is when you are out hiking and you see a user carrying your jacket or backpack. When you say to yourself that you have participated in making the design a reality, right up to the point of putting it in the shop, it is a great victory and above all a great source of pride."

"As a product engineer at Quechua, I design and develop accessible, quality and environmentally friendly products. I make sure they meet all legal requirements and user expectations so that they can have their best experience."

Quechua: Our jobs

Pattern designer

" To make the designer’s idea a reality in the form of plans/layouts in order to have a garment that suits as many people as possible, in short, we are the architects of the garment. " Anne- Laure

Prototype developer

" Participating in the design of a product by transforming the designer’s drawings into patterns and then into a prototype to propose the first versions of the product.
The prototypist uses industrial processes, techniques and machines." - Anne

Quechua: Our jobs

Test engineer

" To set up reliable test protocols to evaluate our products and to lead a global laboratory network for its implementation.
The objective of this evaluation is to help in the design of our products and to allow our users to easily choose their product based on the rating obtained."

"What I like about my job is the fact that I get to test our products in the laboratory, understand how they behave in tests so that I can improve them more and more.
" Joaquin


" Connecting all the resources/teams in the value chain (Production, Logistics, Sports, Store) to satisfy our end customers in shop." Josselin 

Technical director

" To bring Quechua’s design to life on a daily basis with the women and men who invent, design, manage and test tomorrow's products and to give them the means to do so through ambitious and differentiating strategies " Ludovic 

Quechua: Our jobs

Image leader

" My job is to develop, produce and distribute the Quechua brand's photo and video ads. I accompany the marketing of Quechua products and services, providing promotional tools that intervene at all stages of the customer journey." - ANTOINE

Quechua image leader

Dialogue leader

"A dialogue leader is in charge of the relational newsletter programme, promoting the CRM strategy for “Customer Reviews” and the social networks of the brand." - Cloé

Digital leader

" In order to best support hikers and campers, the digital leader’s mission is to improve the digital experience of our users before, during and after the purchase of products." - Lola

Quechua digital leader

Sales director

" Our role is to support countries around the world in creating and making available the best possible range of hiking products and services, regardless of the form of marketing, in-store or online. Our ambition is to satisfy our hiking customers and to make new customers discover the value of our products." - Yannis


"I make the customer journey in the shop simple: from the information search phase to use, everything must be seamless so that the customer chooses the right product. I create the most pleasant and attractive omnichannel shopping experience for them: test zones, product showcases, explanations on the recycling or manufacturing of our products, technical or emotional videos, touch screens for choosing, virtual tours, etc. "

Quechua merchandiser

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Quechua - Our concept of innovation

Quechua - Our concept of innovation

Innovation, research and development is Quechua's DNA, where most of our investments are concentrated.

Fast hiking:the innovations laboratory

Fast hiking: the innovations laboratory

Fast hiking is Quechua's laboratory for technologies and explorations.

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2 Seconds: the springs of a magic tent

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