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The CrossContact sole offers optimal adhesion on every surface.
  • Propulsion zone

    Provides a better relaunch during the foot movement.

  • Bi-composant sole

    Association of multiple thicknesses for durable adhesion.

  • Spikes

    The heart of the technology; with their shapes they ensure adhesion on hard and wet surfaces.

  • Peripheral zone

    Ensures adhesion on slopes.

  • Arch zone

    Provides adhesion in obstacle-ridden passages.

  • Attack zone

    Ensures security when the foot is placed on the ground.

Tests en laboratoire

Our laboratory tests

To test the adhesion of a shoe we use a machine that recreates slippage on a surface, which measures what we call the “ friction coefficient’. The surface varies (rough concrete , smooth wood ,wet wood…) so as to measure the strength needed to make the shoe slip.



Our Evofit concept, the shoe adapts to your foot for optimum comfort.

Comfortables shoes

Use of 11 different materials (foam, bi-stretch materials…) to make our shoes more comfortable while adapting to different types of feet: foam inside the shoe will maintain the foot if it is slender whereas the bi-stretch fabric will distort itself to adapt to a larger foot.

Tests en laboratoire Tests piston

Tested in real conditions...

All our shoes are tested for comfort and use by users that are close to the people our products are made for and in conditions identical to those you can find in usage. Our Mission Tests associated the product chief and people that are not linked to Quechua to test, push forward and validate products.

... as in laboratory

Other tests are conducted in a laboratory to validate the following elements : pulling out of eyelets, glue, toxicology, UV resistance, sole and upper abrasion, accelerated ageing.

After all these mountain and laboratory tests, 50% of the people that had tested the shoe found it more comfortable and more adapted for their foot.



Rubber stone guard for durable and efficient foot protection.

Olivier Wtyklo Product chief

When you are hiking in the mountains, you are going on technical—often narrow—paths with obstacles such as rocks, roots or screes.
We’ve made it a priority to protect your feet.

3 elements on all our Quechua shoes to protect you:

  • The rubber stone guard protects your toes because it reduces impacts, with durable material.
  • The upper protects from rock contact all around the foot.
  • The sole of our shoes has a foam layer the length of the foot that procure a good absorption and isolation against roughness of the terrain.


Every component is designed to optimise the weight of our shoes

Weight details

Hikers have to carry all their equipment during physical effort. That’s why we create our products so that they are lighter and ensure freedom of movement.

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