Seven good reasons why you should go on a micro-adventure

Seven good reasons why you should go on a micro-adventure

Nature is well done.The need to connect with this great entity called "nature" is found ... in our nature.

Nature is well done.The need to connect with this great entity called "nature" is found ... in our nature.So when it comes to putting forward reasons for going on a micro-adventure to go green, whether it's for a few hours, or a few days, ideas spring up quite naturally. A brief overview of the possibilities.

In this article, discover seven good reasons why you should go on a micro-adventure!

Feel alive, share unforgettable moments, do a good deed, recharge your batteries… there will be plenty of arguments, we promise. If the concept of micro-adventure is on the rise, it is also because you quickly get a taste for it! Follow us, and let yourself embark on these new generation adventures.

Seven good reasons why you should go on a micro-adventure

1. Explore and allow yourself to be surprised: be your own micro-adventure guide

First, you'll need a paper or digital map. This time, you're calling the shots. The one that represents trails and other paths, rivers and streams, forests, contour lines. The one that makes you want to see with your own eyes what is hidden behind the pictograms, colours and various lines. The one that arouses curiosity and our thirst for adventure. The one that awakens our child's soul like a magical treasures map. We are programmed to desire the unexpected. How convenient, micro-adventures are to be used in abundance. During an afternoon or a weekend adventure, by throwing yourself body and soul into nature, everyday life no longer exists, everything changes, the map delivers its secrets and surprises, so make space for exploration and let yourself go with the flow. Magic moments guaranteed!

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2. Live unexpected experiences:a few hours or during an adventure weekend

You're walking in the forest and come across a deer which looks at you and then walks off steadily. Click.Moment of magic.
Your canoe glides in total silence under the foliage of trees, on your right a manor appears, majestic, amongst a surreal light. Click.Beautiful!A new timeless moment never to be forgotten.
You take this small path by bike, it's playful, goes up and down, undulates and comes along a little pleasant river. Click.The joy of a simple moment in time.
You share the evening meal with a couple of hikers that you met a few hours earlier and laugh together like good old friends. Click.New anecdotes to share, great encounters to keep.
You're planning to bivouac or sleep under the stars. The sky offers you a grandiose spectacle, or, in the distance, you hear the grunt of a deer. Click.Engraved memories.
You don't have to be called Mike Horn to have unexpected experiences, sometimes you just need to step out of your comfort zone.
You are serene and happy just as you were anxious before your micro-adventure started.Grab happiness when it's there!

Seven good reasons why you should go on a micro-adventure
Seven good reasons why you should go on a micro-adventure

3. Reduce your carbon footprint: the advent of soft mobility

Get away from it all without going far, or breaking the bank... Micro-adventure... a thousand and one ideas and possibilities are available to us: you jump into your boots, on to your bike, on to a train, into a harness, on to a paddle, into your van, to conquer the surrounding countryside, or the coast here or the relief that shake the horizon there. Micro-adventures love proximity. It lavishes its benefits without crossing borders and encourages you to go and see in depth the beauties that surround you. The energy deployed is often completely clean, because to explore and discover, a suitable and very useful machine is just perfect: the human body.Exactly!Not to mention the spirit of the micro-adventure which encourages sharing equipment, second-hand, rental, optimization and repair.All good for its carbon footprint.

Seven good reasons why you should go on a micro-adventure

4. Disconnect, so that you can reconnect with the essential

Of course, you can go on a micro-adventure with your phone, document it all on social networks, follow a route via an application, but the fact remains that immersion in nature is a very effective way to disconnect and recharge your batteries. Nature offers a permanent sound and light show that captures your attention to the point that you can forget screens. From the sunset that sets the horizon ablaze to the splendour of the clouds that roll over your head, from the rain that releases the scent of plants to the wind whispering in the foliage, to the slightly peppery taste of daisy leaves that you love while your feet are caressed by fresh grass. Look, listen, touch, smell, taste, live! ... You're disconnected! Or rather ... very connected... to mother nature.

Seven good reasons why you should go on a micro-adventure

5. Rediscover yourself.the inner journey.

Alone or with a group, micro-adventures invite you to let go, surprise yourself, work on yourself when difficulties are there, when fatigue sets in, when the effort is harder than expected... for a while you are no longer on the same wavelength with your micro-adventure friends. Depending on the changing landscapes, the emotions vary, sometimes a lot, so we venture further into our inner journeys.In a different way, far from your coy everyday life, it is here that resources and facets of each person appear. Fear not, the inner journeys that micro-adventures provide are rich and precious, and make life that much better. You quickly get a taste for them, to the point of not being able to go without them! The word of a micro-adventurer!

Seven good reasons why you should go on a micro-adventure

6. Do a physical activity: do good to your body.

A few ideas for you:Stand up paddle on the nearby river,a bike ride to see the sea, a walk along the canal, a climb on the nearby boulder, micro-adventures leave no room for a sedentary lifestyle. From a leisurely stroll to an intense sporting experience, your body kicks in and responds to the desire for discovery. We operate our legs and arms to walk, we arch our fingers to hang on to the small holds on the wall, we squat to prepare food, we strengthen our back by propelling our kayak with the paddles, we work on our glutes on the surfboard, in short, physical activity and micro-adventures form an inseparable couple, and that's good! There may be a few aches and pains at the beginning. So?They will remind you of good times, as a strong marker of this unique experience.

Seven good reasons why you should go on a micro-adventure

7. Essentials first and abandon the superfluous.

Micro-adventures easily satisfy ...simplicity above all. So, do we trace our route ... or not? We leave with the equipment we have, we borrow it if necessary, and we move forward in complete autonomy. It sounds simple, but it requires making the right choices, sorting out what's essential to take and what isn't. A useful exercise from every point of view. Be light, maintain a minimum of comfort, eat properly, hydrate in an appropriate way, repair, take care of yourself, cover yourself in case of bad weather, all this in a backpack, a transport bag or cycle bags, requires thought, experience and a good practical sense. Only good things to put in place a sobriety defended by the philosophy of micro-adventures!

So, are you ready to become a micro-adventurer?

Discover other tips for going on a micro-adventure, alone, with friends, or with your family.

How do you prepare your mini-adventure?


It's time for adventure. The "micro" doesn't have to be the adventure of a lifetime, it is certainly less ambitious but no less fun and much more accessible. And for the spell of the micro-adventure to work, it is preferable to prepare it, a little.



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