Sunny the Bearded Vulture has taken flight!

The bearded vulture:sunny has taken flight!

Sunny the Bearded Vulture has taken flight!

Last 26 July, Sunny, the young Bearded Vulture born in Haute-Savoie last March took off for the first time.

Sunny is the name that our customers and our community chose for this newborn, one of 9 chicks born in the French Alps this year. Even more so this year, only Sunny was able to be equipped with a GPS to follow its footsteps throughout its life!

The initiative was born from a meeting between Quechua and Asters-CEN 74, the Conservatory of Natural Areas of Haute-Savoie, which fights for the preservation of Bearded Vultures. To support them, we have chosen to donate 2 € for the purchase of our limited edition water bottle to help the reintroduction of Bearded Vultures in Europe.

Do you want to find out more?Discover our dedicated article about this subject.

And to find out a little more about Sunny, here is the testimony of Laura, a volunteer from the association that followed it all summer! Here is its story:

"Born on March 18th in the south of the Massif du Bargy, Sunny begins its life as a Bearded Vulture
During 4 months it grows up. Fed by its parents, it quickly reaches 5-7 kg and almost 3 meters wingspan.

In July, the day of the flight arrives in a flurry of wings! Sunny is getting ready, its days are punctuated by a few habits ... After a good night's sleep, Sunny starts its day around 9am by building up muscles: it flaps its wings on the edge of the nest, risking to fall several times ...

In addition to these small training sessions, Sunny is washing and contemplating the landscape that will welcome it after leaving the nest. After these tiring workouts, Sunny takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. Around 6 p.m., still drowsy, it remains standing on the edge of the nest calling its parents. It then resumes its training after a good meal brought back by its parents.

It has now been several days since the presumed flight date has passed and Sunny still has not taken off ... It sometimes seems hesitant on the edge of the nest, not knowing if it is ready to jump...

And then, on July 26, at 4 p.m., Sunny takes the plunge! In order to protect itself, it perches high on the rocks and observes this world it knows little about. In particular, it got to know the marmots, who were curious about it.
While continuing to be fed by its parents, Sunny continues to build up its wings and tries to achieve small flights by perching higher and higher.
Becoming more accustomed to flying, Sunny travels longer distances alongside other vultures and corvids, perfecting its flight, foraging and bone-breaking skills.
In autumn, when a new breeding season begins, Sunny will leave the Bargy where it was born and will travel the mountain ranges until becoming an adult where it will perpetuate the reintroduction of its species..."

Laura, volunteer for ASTERS-CEN 74

Sunny the Bearded Vulture has taken flight!

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