Discover all the benefits of snow hiking

The benefits of hiking on snow

The gentle yet intense sport of hiking on snow is a genuine sport. Check out the 4 benefits of enjoying peace and quiet in the nature.

Just like hiking, snow hiking is a complete sport, working both the upper and the lower body, the muscles and your endurance, it also offers you all the well-being that a day spent in the great outdoors provides. The pleasure of discovering, the happiness of shared moments, the reward of physical exercise, hiking on snow is very beneficial but not traumatic.

Discover all the benefits of snow hiking

Snow hiking/a real complete sport

Walking involves a constant need for balance and, although it seems natural and effortless, are muscles are constantly working to maintain this balance so we stay upright.Hiking on snow increases this physical effort because of the unevenness of the terrain, the slope and the fact that you have to be careful not to slide on the snow all the time. The same with snowshoes, where the physical effort is accentuated even more so.


Walking with poles works your arms, your shoulders and your back, as well as your core as you use your poles to climb up and to stop you sliding down on the descent.

Discover all the benefits of snow hiking

Snow hiking:all the benefits of nature

Far from your usual setting, surrounded by nature, you will enjoy a timeless moment.The sun brings you a good dose of vitamin D, the change of scenery is total in this remarkable environment, away from the turmoil of urban life. The mountain air is free from urban pollution, pollen and dust mites.

Discover all the benefits of snow hiking

Altitude, a natural dopant

Walking in the mountains forces your body to produce more red blood cells to compensate for the effects of altitude - scarcer oxygen. An exercise that is good for your heart, your breathing, your muscles, and your overall endurance.

Discover all the benefits of snow hiking

Snow hiking, a well-being sport

Snow hiking is a special moment for yourself, where your attention is focused on the contemplation of the landscapes, the positioning of your steps, the rhythm of your breathing. If thoughts continue to run throw your mind at first, the flow eventually slows down to give way to a feeling of calm. Your hike becomes a time when your mind wanders, freed from all the constraints of everyday life.


Your breathing regulates itself, your heart beats slower, your body releases all tension, your whole body calms down. You benefit from the well-being provided by the pleasure of a shared moment as much as by the benefits of your physical effort.

Between freedom, pleasure and well-being, snow hiking is good for everything. And what if you also took advantage of all these benefits? Choose your route, and let us know what the hike brought you.

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