The micro-adventure?
yes, but what’s the concept?

Get away from it all, even close to home and even if it’s not for an entire weekend!


You know what?
You don't have to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy unforgettable moments.
Don't look for a faraway destination, but instead enjoy wonderful, rich experiences!
Sometimes you just need to break your habits to escape the routine, challenge yourself and rekindle your curiosity.
An exotic getaway just a stone's throw from home is the growing concept of the micro-adventure.


What’s the concept of the micro-adventure?

The term “micro-adventure” comes from British adventurer Alastair Humphreys, who defined the practice as a short, achievable outdoor adventure for “normal people with real lives”.

The objective?
It's simple - a micro-adventure means getting out of your routine, escaping your daily life, disconnecting from digital technology and enjoying an experience that’s out of the ordinary.

In principle, it requires few resources and little preparation, although it’s always good to have the minimum necessary and know where you’re going.
This helps avoid pitfalls and optimise your experience to get the most from it!
For some, the adventure may be not to prepare anything and let yourself be carried along by the opportunities to be seized at every moment!
So there are no rules - everyone has their own adventure and their own approach.
Anything is possible.


Why a micro-adventure?


To become a child again, discovering the world for a short time.
To get away from it all, you don't have to jump on a plane.
For a change of scenery, it’s here and now.
Rediscover your sense of wonder.

If the micro-adventure trend is booming, it's because livening up the everyday is easy and accessible to all.
Adventure isn’t where you go, but how you get there.
The micro-adventure is close by, short, open-air and inexpensive … it’s adventure in a simple, spontaneous way.
A really intense experience where you find the same sensations as if you were going away for three weeks.
Enjoying one isn’t reserved just for those lucky enough to live in places where the idea comes naturally - it's within everyone's reach, even if you live in a large metropolis.

So, are you ready to go?
Here are some micro-adventure ideas:


Ideas for micro-adventures over one day, a weekend or several days?


1 To 4 hours to spare?
dare to break the monotony of everyday life!

Sometimes, it doesn't take much to re-invigorate your daily life. Getting out of your comfort zone doesn't always require a lot of effort.

So, for example, on an ordinary working day, change your route and instead pass through unknown streets and paths to get to your workplace.
You can also opt for another mode of transport and choose green mobility: by bike, on foot, by scooter, skateboard, kayak... Let your creativity run free!

Then it’s time for your lunch break: don't stay locked up, but go outside to eat instead.
Sit on a bench, a picnic table or simply on the ground in a park.
Go green and savour the moment.

What about the weekend?
Just one thing to say: get some fresh air!

Why not sow a little poetry along your walks with a splash of simple fun?
Collect pebbles and paint them.
On the back, you can write a good, positive word (alternatively, why not write out the alphabet?).
Then drop them along your walk, and they'll form a great treasure hunt for other walkers.

Go for a walk in the forest, and have fun picking up branches along the way.
You can then build a cabin, an arch ... all those things that stir our souls thirsty for adventure!
Besides, there’s always a great reason to go out in the forest...
We’ve already mentioned the benefits of such walks in an article you can find here.

What? It’s raining?

Don’t be put off!
On the contrary, rain is an extraordinary sensory experience.
Put on your jacket and test your walking boots by jumping in some puddles.
As a bonus: take your children (and/or your dog) with you - they’ll show you how to spontaneously burst into fits of laughter!
Also check out our 8 good reasons for hiking in the rain.


2-3 Days to enjoy thrilling experiences:
an adventure weekend whenever you feel like it!

You've probably already seen these dreamy photos on Instagram: a crazy landscape with nature in all its splendour as far as the eye can see, the sunset that really blows you away, waking up in the morning, opening your tent in an incredible setting…

No need to head off on an expedition to the other side of the world when there are plenty of magical places here!
So off you go on a wonderful adventure: your own!
Take your backpack, take only what you need, explore the trails and disconnect.
Breathe, enjoy, live and savour to the full.
The concept of the micro-adventure is simplicity.

And as the day slowly slips away, stay outside.
After a wonderful day’s hiking, it's time for the bivouac! Wild camping is an adventure!
You don't need to invest a huge amount of money to kit yourself out.
Rent your equipment in just a few clicks, and off you go for a night to remember!
Wild camping is calling out to you!
Its promise? Wild camping is better than a 5-star hotel - the sky offers you billions!


The micro-adventure trend for everyone!

A micro-adventure can be done on your own, with friends or with your family!
Hiking, biking, climbing, road trip for a few days or a weekend, or just one day... Tailor your programme to your level, or simply enjoy nature and being outdoors.

Ultimately, the objective is quite simple:
Get out of your routine, maybe also leave your comfort zone ... but reconnect with nature, feel alive and in the present moment, slow down the pace and reconnect with yourself.
Go back to basics and the simple things in life, enjoy unique experiences and strong emotions, and of course limit your environmental impact!


No need to go far ... even just a stone’s throw away, nature really blows you away

No need to go far, just 1 hour, 1 day or several days...
Sometimes it's there, very close by, and you don't know it.
What ?
The hike that takes you somewhere new.
The path you've never tried.
The picnic, pure and simple
The wow-look-at-that-wonderful-crazy-landscape feeling.
The pretty little river that makes you want to plant your tent pegs right there.
The spot that takes you to the end of the world, though you’ve only travelled a few miles...
You’re spoiled for choice: nature has had fun taking all its different shapes.
And when the weather changes, the landscape you thought you knew like the back of your hand has another surprise in store.
It’s impossible to get tired with it.
Nature is better than TV: you’ll never miss a season.

So long live local, in that case.
To get away from it all, you don't have to jump on a plane.
For a change of scenery, it’s here and now.
Rediscover your sense of wonder.
Look there, it's the Andes.
And there, Patagonia.
You see this waterfall – it’s Iguazu.
And those breakers are like in Australia.
There are dizzying heights just a train ride away and thrills just around the corner.


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